She’s Dating The Gangster Movie Review

She’s Dating The Gangster The Movie

I never have the chance to read the two versions of the book. In fact, I’ve only read the first few chapters of the ebook/Wattpad version of this novel. But, I am assured that watching this movie have thrilled my senses. Mixed emotions overflow. Laughs. Tears. Still moments.

The first scenes from these movies made me excited. There was a point when I started realizing that a movie must not be judged by its trailer. In fact, the two timelines used in the movie added glamour and ‘sauce’ to the entire novel. It was able to spiced up what was written in the book. The characters were properly chosen. The lead actors and actresses performed well. I believed that the director had given justice to the story and to its writer.

I must say that the movie had a great impact on my emotions. I laughed hard. I cried hard (even though I tried not to). I also had the chance to get to know how teenagers think nowadays.

The only flaw that I’d seen from the movie was its failure to go beyond the ‘love’ between Athena and Kenji. Don’t they have dreams? What are their plans once they grew up? Is it really just about their ‘teenage love?’

Overall, I adored the movie. I. Am. Fascinated. With. Everything


By kimderla

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