Sir, You’re Mine (Sequel of Sir, You’re Hot!) by Lee Miyaki

It was March 2014 when I published my first novel, “Sir, You’re Hot!” Now, the much-awaited (ata) sequel is now on its way to leading bookstores nationwide.

Sir You're Mine Cover

“How could you say that I don’t love you if this damn heart keeps saying I love you.” – Sir Railey Medrana

Forbidden at mukhang hindi pwede– Ito ang perfect description ng imperfect student-teacher relationship ni Rebecca at ni Railey. Sa dinami-dami ng pagkakaiba at hindi pagkakasundo ng dalawa, mukhang walang forever sa kanila. Idagdag pa ang unlimited cool off at sandamakmak na pride ng dalawa, saan kaya makakarating ang tambalang Rye at Bec?

This is the second book of “Sir, You’re Hot!” Pero this time, kanino nga ba ang puso ng bawat isa?

Sir You're MineFor inquiries, you can leave a message here or on my facebook account. 🙂 It’s Lee Miyaki.

By kimderla

Educator. Writer. God's Servant.

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