Awesome October

Heya! Today is October 2, 2015. Friday. Supposedly, we have regular classes. However, due to the TS Kabayan, our classes have been cancelled. Thus, this has given me a chance to do my errands as a teacher, writer, and server.

I woke up at 4:00am and heard that classes were already suspended at 5:30am. After researching, I’d come up with five assessments which I made in advance so I wouldn’t cram next week. Then, I sent my publisher a message about future publishing contracts; he replied. While searching for my previous works, I bumped into a my Wattpad account’s inbox. There was a message sent four days ago which goes…

“Kids don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.”
-Jim Henson

When you first showed up in our classroom on the first day of school, we never thought that the one that is standing in front of us will be the one that will bring out the best in us. You were wearing your casual attire and a ribbon. You were a fresh graduate and some of us including myself asked ourselves a question, “Is she capable of teaching and disciplining us?”

One day, you talked to the whole class seriously regarding the offense some have committed and that day, you almost cried and that was the moment we knew the answer for our question. In that very moment, we realized that we have found someone who truly cares not just for her job but also for her students.

You are someone who truly loves teaching. You teach because it brings you joy. You teach wholeheartedly. If you’re ever wondering of what we think of you, let this letter tell you… For us, you may not be as talented as the other teachers but you’ve influenced us in many ways. Those who fully don’t know you might say that you’re incapable of teaching but most of us will say that you have tried your best and it is more than enough for us. Some might tell you that you’re incapable of being an adviser but most of us will say that you’re just being understanding and patient that many can’t do. To the best we’ve ever had, thank you. You’ll always be the best for us and we’ll never forget you. Please don’t ever forget us. Again, thank you, Ms. Kim! All of us here surely misses you.

I read it twice and this made me cry. I couldn’t find words to express my thoughts about these things. It’s October, yes, but it’s not yet teacher’s day and my birthday. But… Ah! Thank You, Lord, for this blessing. I’d surely love being a teacher because of these.

I replied with this: There is always a room for improvement, as what my college professor says. I’m in awe after reading this heart-melting message. This has uplifted my struggling spirit. Thank you, my beloved students! I’ll never forget you, of course. My first teaching experience and struggles have taught me innumerable things. Words can’t express how grateful I am for this blessing.
I know, 7-Jeremiah, you did this. I miss you!

Aside from this, I also got several messages on Wattpad about their reactions to my poems and stories.

wattpad comment

Inevitable as it may, struggles, stress, and conflicts still arise in my teacher’s life.; yet, I should not give up and I should keep going. Few more days to go, and it’s my birthday. Thanks, Bro. 🙂

I am currently working on my next book and compilation. Will update you soon.

By kimderla

Educator. Writer. God's Servant.

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