Art Capital Cafe

Art Capital Cafe, Angono Rizal — I’ve been looking coffee shops in Rizal lately. In searching for it, I have seen a blog about Art Capital Cafe. This shop is in Angono, Rizal. This coffee shop is perfect for people who adore relaxing and soothing atmosphere.

One word to describe this coffee shop is creative. It’s place has been maximized very well. Chairs and tables are properly coordinated to show balance inside the shop. Paintings are present inside, too.

What I like about this shop is its affordable offers. This tall milkshake is only 100php and coffee mocha for only 75php. With its Starbucks-like atmosphete, this is perfect.

Nachos remind us that like life, they are also colorful. Creamy dip complements the nachos, too.

There’s also free wifi connection here. :> So, you will truly love this shop.

If interested to visit here, from Sta. Lucia Mall, just ride a jeep going to Angono then go to St. Martin’s Subdivision. Art Capital Cafe is beside Caltex and 7/11.

By kimderla

Educator. Writer. God's Servant.

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