2015’s Blessings

I was hoping to write the longest WordPress entry while typing this post. However, I just let my hands and brains think and type whatever they want about my whereabouts for 2015. Actually, this post would be about 2014 and 2015. I wasn’t able to post a year-ender realization last year. Thanks for the caffeine which I had to take just to reflect on how blessed am I these past two years.

First, I am deeply grateful for graduating on time, passing the Licensure Exam, and for being employed. These are some of the dreams I’ve been longing for ever since I realize my goals in life.

Second, I am eternally thankful for the community, ministry, and family which I belong. San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish in Taytay, Rizal has been my second home while I am taking the path to adulthood (naks).

Third, I am contented with my family and our current situation. Despite of our indifferences, we still manage to face each day with a smile on our face.

Fourth, for the miracles which have happened (and will be happening) in my life.

Fifth, five of my stories are already published! It has been a long journey before I finally stepped into this industry. For all the writing workshops which I have attended, thanks!

Sixth, I am (somehow) financially literate. I will try my best to keep on learning about these basic facts in life. I do hope to share these things and knowledge to my colleagues.

Seventh, my special someone has been inspiring me every single day. 🙂

Eight, God gives me reason to wake up everyday.

Ninth, 2015 has given me lots of ups and downs especially in my career. Yet, God has given me more reasons why do I have to celebrate life. This year’s tough, good thing’s God has been there to guide and to bring me to the right path.

Thanks, Bro, for this fruitful year. 🙂

PS. Not posting images that much because it appears on Google.



By kimderla

Educator. Writer. God's Servant.

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