Munting Buhangin Beach Resort Nasugbu Batangas

It was March 30, 2016 when my co-teachers and I decided to unwind by swimming in a beach near Metro  Manila. Batangas was the answer. The next problem was where in Batangas should we go. Upon a series of endless searching on Google, we landed on Munting Buhangin Beach Resort.

Munting Buhangin Beach Resort is four-hour away from Cubao. We went there on a weekday and we just commuted when we  went there. Hence, travel time was just an estimation.

We rode in San Agustin Bus in Cubao. We paid 181 pesos going to Nasugbu. In Nasugbu, we got off in their city. We rode in a tricycle and paid 300 as a rent.

The place is 5km far from the main town. Hence, patience is advised.

Entrance for day tour is 200 pesos. 380 pesos if you’ll stay overnight.

We rented the NIPA HUT that cost us 1700.

Here are just some of the views near the beach.


We tried the Island Hoping which cost us 1500 for ten persons. We added 150php each for the snorkeling activities. We visited twin island and went to its summit.

The island hopping was fun, especially when we were able to reach the summit of a little island.


I highly recommend this beach resort. The beach is clean. There are only few swimmers when we stayed there. You can certainly have your privacy in your stay.


By kimderla

Educator. Writer. God's Servant.

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