Show Your Work by Austin Kleon

Steal like an Artist is a must-read for every artist. It entails a clear and practical point of view on how artists should act, think, and speak. In his book, Show Your Work, Austin Kleon has reiterated the things that every artist should do to promote his work.


What I love about Show Your Work

  • This book offers practical tips to its readers. Artists who have been reading this are uplifted because of the tips+creative poems from Austin.

  • I like this because of its step-by-step procedure on how to show your work. For an inconsistent write like me, this helps. It’s like asking you to do things at your own pace.

  • It is filled with poems and precise inspirations for every artist. Its book design is beyond superb.

Favorite Lines from Show Your Work

These lines will surely inspire people who are damn tired of their day job. Haha. Jk.


It is important to separate your work from the rest of your life.

This quote is totally relatable because people are certainly workaholic. They tend to work extremely, wishing for promotion. This is fine as long as there is a line between work and life.

Everybody loves a good story, but good story telling does not come easy to everybody.

As a writer, I personally love this quote because it reminds me that what I do is something challenging. It takes time yet it is definitely worth it.

A life of creativity is all about change, moving forward, taking chances, and exploring new frontiers. 

Being a creative writer, I do believe that I should not settle for less. 🙂


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What is your favorite non-fiction book? Share it below.



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