3 Reasons to Visit Vigan Now

Visit Vigan Now

Calesa, ancestral house, and longganisa—these are just some of the main reasons why people keep on writing To Visit Vigan in their bucket list. Exceptional beauty, timeless style, and intricate details of this city motivate people to keep coming to this precious place.


As I visited Vigan last August 13, 2016, I’ve found the three reasons why I should pay a visit to Vigan. I thank God for allowing me to join our parish pilgrimage. Through this, I’m able to witness and experience Vigan. After this, I’ve realized that Vigan is not just about houses, calesa, and longganisa.

Here are the reasons why you should visit this place, too.

  1. Vigan is filled with ancient churches.

Speaking of these, ancient churches are usual in this place. Each town boasts its own church which truly reflects its town’s beauty and grandeur. We started our tour in St. Lucy Parish. This place has been one of the oldest churches in Ilocos.


Its ceiling is perfectly crafted, altar is creatively made, and its surrounding has reflected ancient times. Nonetheless, spirituality of the parishioners  is observed as well.


After praying inside this church, our group headed to Sta. Maria Church. Did you know that this church was considered as World Heritage Site?


Its aesthetics, and architectural designed definitely proved that this church was worthy of its title. It’s also wide enough and located at a hill. We had to do 51 steps on its stoned stairs before reaching its church premises.


Lastly, we visited St. Paul Cathedral which was located at Vigan’s heart. It was situated near the Municipal Hall, Markets, Plaza, and other establishments.


I was in awe after seeing its fine design and impeccable architecture. This had been truly a haven for all Catholics.

Seeing these kind of photos reminded me of God’s goodness to us.

  1. Vigan is filled with mouth-watering food.

I wasn’t able to take photo of its delicacies. But one of these was their macaroons, turones, and its delicacies which was placed inside a bamboo stick. It was sold for only 4 for 100 pesos. Aside from these, we also feasted on Bagnet.

  1. Vigan reflects our country and our history.

In Vigan, you get to see ancestral houses that helped Filipinos shaped its culture as well. In my experience, I saw the roots of our country which truly made me amazed. I realized how rich our country is. When it comes to culture, Filipinos (or should I say us) should be really proud of our roots.


See that kuya? He is smiling. Hehehe. He’s just an epitome of how friendly locals are.


I couldn’t put into details how to travel there solo or by commuting. I apologize. Nonetheless, you should visit Vigan now for you to witness how marvelous our culture is.


How about you? Where’s your recent trip?





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