Fun and Cheap Weekend Getaway in Angono, Rizal

Have you ever wished for a cheap and fun weekend getaway? A kind of getaway that is not tooooooo far from the city and is also budget-friendly? Well. You should try travelling and food-tripping in Angono, Rizal. With Php500, you can definitely seize the day in this town

Angono, also known as the Art Capital of the Philippines, is just an hour (or two) away from Cubao, Quezon City. With its stunning beauty and creative locals, Angono, Rizal should be one of your weekend day trips. 

Here are some activities that you may consider in travelling Angono, Rizal.

View Wawa Lake

Wawa Lake lies along Laguna De Bay. Hanging out here gives you a relaxing feeling. The typical breeze allows you to forget your stress. Like. Really. Promise. Unless it’s rainy, you won’t enjoy this view.

If you’re coming from Sta. Lucia, LRT 2, Taytay or Cainta, just ride a jeep that goes to Angono. Tell the driver to drop you in Angono Plaza. From Plaza, you may ride a trike going to Wawa. You may bring food to saviour in the area. There are some barbecue stalls around, but if you want to spend less, bring your own food.

Dine in Inangbina’s Restaurant

This restaurant, for me, is a hidden haven for food bloggers. It offers delicacies and sweets of Angono. This includes ‘pato’ and other meals. You can taste pasta, viands, coffee and shakes at the most affordable price. Its ambiance makes you feel that you’re in a high-end resto. I love their nachos.

The easiest way to go to Inangbina is to ride a trike from SM Angono. Or if you just came from Wawa or anywhere in Angono, just ride a trike going there. I assume all trike drivers know it.

Visit St. Clement Parish

Angono is also known for its Higantes Festival and other fiesta celebration for their patron St. Clement. Their church reflects the culture of the town. Locals in Angono surely maintains their parish well. You’ll feel how the community shows their love and respect for their beliefs.


Again, this church is just a trike away from anywhere in Angono.

Sweeten your taste buds in Sweet Life Cafe 

Sweet Life cafe’s best is their Turonne Gourmet. Who would have thought of turning Banana Fritters into something more special? This cafe turned turonne into more drooling sweet. My favorite flavor is Black Forest Turonne. For only 40.00, you can indulge yourself in its sweetness.
This cafe is near Richmond Subdivision along the highway.

Experience Angono’s Art Capital Cafe 

This cafe is located near San Martin Subdivision. Upon entering the store, you’ll feel a unique ambiance for it’s filled with artworks made by Angono artists. This has been featured on various tv shows. You could expect enticing shakes, frappes, and sweets, too. I swear, these are all affordable.

If you’re coming from Cubao, you may ride a jeepney that is going to Angono, Plaza. It is just a small town. Hence, by merely riding a trike, you can explore the entire town.

May you enjoy this kind of weekend trip!


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