Blissful 2016: A Review of Ups and Downs

My 2016 Review

2016 was filled with ups and downs. Its unique trail towards happiness reminded me to be strong and still. God’s presence and protection made me realize how great it was to be serving for Him.

Indeed, 2016 taught me a lot of things.

Here’s a quick review of my year.

Jam-packed January 

January kicked off with ECA Festival preparations and the said event. Actually, it was my first time to organize a beauty contest for sixth grade students. It was overwhelming for it taught me how to be real and practical at the same time. In addition to this, I also managed to renew my service to God through Youth Ministry and Biblical Apostolate. In our parish general assembly, we were reminded of our commitment to the Lord. January ended with a small twist in my life, too.

Faithful February 

This month was the toughest season. We were locked up in a situation in which we were tested and molded to something great. I can say that it challenged our nerves, too. Despite of it, being month of love, we faced huge trials. As a youth minister, we gave away candies to promote real love.

Manageable March

For parish servers like me, Lenten season was the draining season of all. We prepared a looooot for Lent. From novenas to pabasa to senakulo and parish pilgrimage, we experienced tremendous challenges. But, these challenges kept us strongly rooted to our Catholic faith. Then, as a sixth grade teacher, I managed to survive graduation practices, and preparations, too. We ended this month with a quick getaway in Munting Buhangin Resort in Batangas.

Awesome April

Feels day was experienced in April as what #romancelass people had said. #AprilFeelsDay tickled the romance genes in us. Of course, PPCRV and Basic Bible Seminar preparations completed this month, too. There were series of workshops in which I participated. As a teacher, I managed to attend to summer intervention programs to first grade students. I must say that these kids surely drains energy!

Merry May

I would never forget this month because we went to Cebu in its first three days! How could we forget the laughable experiences that we had here? From our transient house to our trip to South Cebu and to my injury, everything was priceless! This trip taught us not to be more research-type of travelers. Our trip to Cebu equipped us with life skills. Also, this month completed my life as a Catholic writer! It was in May when I received an acceptance letter from St. Paul’s Publications! Who would never love it! I went to their office to discuss important matters regarding the book. This made me genuinely happy!

Jolly June

This started my second year as a teacher in St. Paul’s Pasig. It seemed like my first year of teaching for I never experienced this last school year. I was hired late, right? Then, I learned the basics of being a fourth grade advisers. My kids were so cuuute! Alongside with this, I continue to serve as Biblical Apostolate and Youth Minister. Service for Bible Seminars and Youth Formations were present, too. I remembered that I also attended a writing workshop in Antipolo, too.

Judicious July

July was the month for Diocesan Social Communications Ministry. Through serving with these amazing people, I’d learned other skills despite of what I’d learned in school. Being exposed to media taught me lots of things as well. We had a workshop about covering a parish event, too.

Adventurous August

This month was filled with freelancing duties. I learned how to save and to keep my e-fund just in case something happens, I would not be stressed. My mom got home from UAE, too. Her arrival challenged my faith, intellect, and self, too. It gave us sooo much pain in our hearts; yet, God saved us from this grave of agony. The next day, everything fell right into its place. My lola and I managed to have a trip to Vigan too! Great is our God, indeed! This year would not be complete without my DALUYAN 2016 journal. I was so blessed to be part of this academic journal of UP teachers, students, and other writers. My poems were included here.

Surreal September

BEST PART OF THE YEAR BECAUSE OF MY BOOK SIGNING AT ST PAUL’S BOOTH! 13th Prayer was published and released officially in this month! Imagine, I was able to fulfill my dream as a writer when I had my book signing here. For one hour, I was a genuinely true writer. *cries* My reader-friends went to see me, too! I was surprised when I saw my college friends who bought my book, too! Definitely, this was the perfect time to finally launch myself as a writer. Aside from that, MIBF 2016 was surely enjoying! It was my first time to attend a book launch of Sir Segundo Matias and other Rebel Fiction writers. Books and freebies overflowed, too. I also applied in my grad school in this month. Hehe!

OKAY October

My birth month was filled with overflowing blessings, too! Teacher’s Day gift was there, Paulinian Appreciation Day happened. What else can I ask for? Even this month was our accreditation in PAASCU, this surely created a better person in me. I did learn a lot of things especially in terms of socializing with people. These skills were so priceless. Feels Fest also happened! It was that time of the month when my beloved friend, Elizabeth, self-published her book, too. Talks over coffee and friends happened as well. Over the semestral break, I managed to finish two short manuscripts to my publishers. Right, I am blessed to have two loving publishers!

Nostalgic November

This was a chill month for me. Over the sembreak, my colleagues and I went to Puerto Galera. It was a cheap and fun adventure. We did not spend that much. With research and right reviews, traveling was surely fun. We also had our sports fest in school that’s why I was not that exhausted in teaching. However, being a sporty coach was harder than I actually thought. Good thing my students won in the major game, though. J THIS MONTH WAS A WOW, TOO! Diocese of Antipolo just bagged an award for having the best Instagram account during the Catholic Social Media Summit! Our team was so grateful with this, of course! We also released a formation for the youth, entitled, #TrueLoveSeries. This formation was entitled with a name which was catchy, yet rooted to a bible verse. Also, I was one of the readers of Sambuhay TV Mass for their Christmas Mass. Grateful for these blessings!

DREAMY December

This month was exciting! God welcomed me to my dream school, UPD! Finally, my dreams did come true. I would be studying here for the next years. I’m taking a course that’s related to my heart, writing. We also managed to have our Christmas Presentation in this month. Moreover, Misa De Gallo Services were present, too. Eye bags, hello there! The best gift I received this month was winning Saranggola Blog Awards, Hugot Lines Category, First Place! Thank You, Lord. This definitely completed my year. Aside from that, in December 30, I received an e-mail that told me I would be writing for Didache Youth 2018! See! God really provides the best gift for us!


Dear God, this year has been filled with blessings, too. Despite my unworthiness for these, I am deeply grateful for everything. I can’t thank You enough for this. But, I promise to serve You more with all my life, strength, energy, and intellect. Through writing and serving, I will surely help others know more about you.

Forgive the simplicity of this post. I prefer not to add photos for now. It just appears on Google and I respect privacy.

Have a happy new year, reader-friends! What are you up to next year?

May God bless your lives.


By kimderla

Educator. Writer. God's Servant.

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