Our Pilgrimage in Bicol

I never planned of joining our Pilgrimage in Bicol due to financial limitations. Good thing, God provided what I lack.

Our trip was August 11-12, 2017. Can you imagine that even before our trip, an earthquake and heavy rained occurred first in Pasig and nearby provinces? We thanked God that time because no one was hurt. Luckily, I was able to reach home at 6:00pm and prepare my snacks until 8:00pm.

Our eight hour-travel lulled us to sleep. I never noticed that there was a second stopover. My heads kept on banging on the windows of the bus because I didn’t care how I looked like. I just wanted to sleep and get ready for tomorrow’s trip!

Alter of Basilica of Our Lady of Penafrancia

Naga City, I must say, is a province that relaxes one’s soul. It’s soothing and natural ambiance welcomes the pilgrims alongside with the windy type of weather that day. It seems like INA is hugging us, welcoming us in her city, Naga.

Front view of Basilica of Our Lady of Penafrancia

We reached Naga City around 8:00am. We visited the Basilica of Our Lady of Penafrancia. The church was so huge. It caters the original image of INA. I prayed solemnly and whispered my intentions without distractions because only few people were there when we arrived. I touched the image, too. Also, I bought a souvenir near the church.

I love the architectural design of this church. Shrine of Our Lady of Penafrancia

After Basilica, we went to a shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Penafrancia as well. It is like 30 minute ride away from the basilica. It was big. We appreciated the intricate designs found inside the church. Its ceiling was filled with paintings and replicas of the important events in the Bibles. I just loved everything about it.


After visiting the Shrine, we went to their Cathedral. I adored their black-theme cathedral. It spoke something about the life and experience of the faithful here–STRONG. They seemed so strong in their faith because their number was fast-growing. They even had a wide open area for outdoor activities. What I liked most was it’s free from capitalization. It’s distant from the market which made it more solemn. We had our lunch here.

This is the best photo ever.
Am I still in the Philippines? This Porta Maria is perfect.

Our last church was St. James the Apostle in Camarines Sur. This was two hour away from where we’d been to. Also, its beauty was simple and authentic. You’d definitely feel the loving presence of God. Your eyes would be focused on Him.

This cathedral look so calm. Also, the sky. 🙂

We only visited four churches. For me, that’s enough. On our way their, I totally learned a lot. This experiences were totally inspiring. It boosted my confidence and faith once more.

My takeaway? Sometimes, all it takes is a different view.

Now, I sincerely ask for your prayers as well. May you also pray with me in my intentions for this pilgrimage. In everything I do, I strongly offer everything to God.

I am planning to visit other churches near Manila. Do you have any suggestions?


Praying with you,


By kimderla

Educator. Writer. God's Servant.

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