Budget Day Trip in Tagaytay City

Tagaytay is known for its cool and welcoming weather, Taal Lake, and Bulalo. It’s a popular destination for sudden road trips. For people who wish to be alone and to meditate, it is a place for them. But, do you know that you can fully experience Tagaytay on a budget? In less than a day, you can experience what this place has to offer by simply following this Budget Day Trip in Tagaytay itinerary.

We were riding a single motor when we did this trip. We left our home at 6:00am. But, if you are coming from EDSA, simply ride buses heading to Tagaytay. There’s one from Cubao or Crossing. I think it’s not more than two hundred pesos.

There are five major activities that you can do here within your budget.

1. View Taal Lake while dining in McDonald’s. This is the first place we’ve visited when we reached Tagaytay Proper. It is the usual fast food chain that we all know. But, what makes this branch cooler is its Taal Lake view. For as low as 29 pesos, you can see Taal Lake without spending too much. However, to avoid crowds, dine there before lunch, or after a meal. This surely gives you better view of the lake. In our case, we still enjoyed the food. However, it is really hard to wait for the order.



2. Be artsy while sipping Frappe in Dreamland Cafe. It is less than a minute walk from McDonald’s. It’s across the road when you are from Mcdo. You can easily recognize Dreamland Cafe because of its aesthetics and unique designs. You’ll see lots of dream catchers and such artsy stuff. You will enjoy sipping a frappe while playing board games for free! You just need to present an ID before you borrow. I love how the lights and ventilation jive to give this place a cooler ambiance. I rate this cafe 10/10.


3. Pray in Our Lady of Lourdes Church. Sometimes, all we need is silence. Offer prayers in their simple parish. Take pictures, too. It surely relaxes your tired souls and mind.


4. Take Photos in Tagaytay’s Palace in the Sky. Its feels is so surreal. You’ll be captivated on how the view can take your breath away. Let the wind hug and embrace you. Also, try bringing special someone with you. I think it’s perfect place for sweet moments. 😀

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5. Sip Bulalo Soup along Tagaytay Road. 

Who would not like bulalo? Of course, this certainly completes the day. Bulalo usually ranges from 200-350, depending to where you’ll buy it. There are simple carinderias along the way. This is way cheaper than the high-end restaurants, too.


You can also visit Sky Ranch in Tagaytay before you have your hot bulalo soup. This can be easily found even if you are commuting. Jeepney is their primary mode of transportation. Just approach the barkers to know how to reach your destination.

Where to go in Tagaytay? Mcdonald’s for Taal Lake View, Dreamland Cafe, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Sky Ranch, People’s Park in the Sky, and Bulaluhan.

How to go in Tagaytay? If you are coming from Crossing, Cubao, and Pasay, buses are just here going straight to Tagaytay. From there, just tell the bus driver where you need to go.

Enjoy your Tagaytay trip!


By kimderla

Educator. Writer. God's Servant.

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