How I Do My Daily Catholic Devotion

When I was in college, my classmates used to ask me, “Are you really Catholic? I’ve never seen an active Catholic before.” (By active, they meant active participation in the parish aside from attending the Mass every Sunday.) I smiled because this had been one of the misconceptions about Catholic Youth.

There’s no wrong in attending the Mass but…

When asked about their religion, most of the young ones will answer that they are Catholic. But, most of them are not practicing their faith. They attend the Eucharistic Celebration or Holy Mass every Sunday. That’s it. But, joining the events in the parish, consistent Bible reading, active evangelization, and parish-based activities are not in their mind. Some are not aware of it and some ignore it. But, aside from these activities, what is more important is building an authentic personal relationship with God even outside the church.
I currently belong to Evangelization as Biblical Apostolate, and Youth Ministry, as vice-coordinator. I also serve in the diocese through Social Communications. I have extended my service through writing books for the youth under St. Paul’s Publications. I help our parish with some fundraising events, too!

It does not end here.

But, you know what, my purpose in the parish does not end with activities. Through these, God teaches me to even serve more. All of us never get tired in serving, and that’s the work of the Holy Spirit. We are not that perfect, but we strive to be worthy of being called God’s servant. But we do not stop with these.
So, what’s my point? Through these activities, I’ve found time to do my own devotion. (A personal relationship, some say.)

Here’s my daily Catholic devotion.

I start with the sign of the cross and head straight to my study table. There, I pray and open the most special books in my life. Bible, Bible Diary, Didache Youth, and Straight from the Heart.

These books are so helpful for young Catholics. I am almost finished reading the New Testament in the Bible. I highlight the most striking verses or write them in my journal. (I did this when I was still a student. I had plenty of time before. L) But, aside from journaling, reading these devotionals are helpful. Here’s how I do it.

First, I open up my Bible Diary. For 2017, I am reading 365 Days with the Lord of St. Paul’s. For 2018, our Spiritual Directress has given me Bible Diary published by Claret. It’s available in National Bookstore. After checking the daily bible reading, psalm, and the gospel, I proceed in reading some notes from Didache Youth. This is published by Kerygma Books. It’s also available in NBS. Then, I read my morning prayers through Straight from the Heart. This is published by St. Paul’s. It usually takes me 5-10 minutes to do everything. I guess you can also find time for this morning routine.

It is never too late to start your devotion!

Catholic Faith always reminds us to build a personal relationship with the Lord. It encourages us to be closer to Him through untiringly serving in the parish, and not just by attending the Mass every Sunday. It’s never too late to serve in your parish. It’s the right time to inquire and to take part in these life-changing activities.
Do you have your own morning devotion? How do you do it? Share your thoughts. 🙂

Yours in Christ,

By kimderla

Educator. Writer. God's Servant.

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