2017: A Year of Possibilities

2017 is over. We are all heading to an exciting 2018. But, before I finally let go of this year, I’d like to write a recap of what 2017 has brought me. In terms of professional development, 2017 has brought me opportunities to learn and experience new stuff. Also, I love how this year taught me to let go of the past and move on to the present.


I started my graduate studies in January 2017. It was never easy. The application process entailed numerous steps and it was definitely brain-cracking. All my courageous brain cells actually worked and helped me finish my application. Other than that, I had my new haircut this year! YIH. It was above my shoulder.  I was also appointed (again) as vice-coordinator in our Parish Youth Ministry.


I took the challenge of studying in a prestigious university, fully. It was difficult to adjust mentally, but with my good friends from the field, it became easy. Also, I continued serving in the parish as Biblical Apostolate. We conducted our monthly bible seminars. I also had a chance to have a pilgrimage around the Marian churches in Manila with the SPC sisters.


March was a month of farewells. I bid goodbye to my fourth graders. I bid goodbye to my friend who went to Japan. I also bid goodbye to all my foolish acts as a mere human being. On the other hand, I attended some seminars about Bible with our spiritual directress in Youth. There were no big deals in March because I was so busy in school, doing grades, and submitting huge files of documents. There was no vacation, too.


April 12 is Paano Mag-move on’s birthday! ❤ I would never forget this day because PMMO is my favorite so far. It is my first non-fiction book that is why I am beyond grateful for publishing it.

April was Holy Week season. It was tiring for we had lots of activities in the parish. We conducted Pilgrimage, Senakulo, and the usual Eucharistic celebration. I guess, this month taught me how to handle a Creative Writing class, too.


There’s so much to say about May. I’d start with the very important which was my nomination application for Cardinal Sin Catholic Book Awards. I nominated my two books for this award-giving body. (I know, it didn’t actually win, but that’s OK.) Then, to be able to do it, I raised funds through selling my book for a higher price. I sold Paano Mag-move on and 13th Prayer for 500php because I was raising fund back then. This experience taught me lots of things. It made me aware that there were friends who’d actually help me in times of challenges. I could have raised fund myself, but, I wouldn’t learn that there were good things waiting for those who persevere.

May was also a month for a new experience. I got to teach Creative Writing to Grade School students. It was the school’s summer enrichment program. I was able to teach them to write a script and produce a play with it. It was totally an awesome experience.

May was also a plot twist for me. I was tasked to teach First Grader this year. Basically, I had to teach GRADE ONE students for ten months. Could you imagine how tiring is that? It was a challenge that I never expected to accomplish. As of this writing, there are only three months left before I finally say goodbye to my little cute students.

Lastly, MAY is a monthe for quick escapes, sudden seminars and events, and finally, an unforgettable adventure.


June was never easy. I started teaching first grader this month. I just found it hard to adjust because I used to teach higher levels before. I accepted this job, hoping that everything’s gonna get better soon. June was the month for promotion, self-exploration, and discovering more about life.


July 1 was RELENTLESS. This seminar/praise night/worship event was organized by The Lord’s Flock. It happened in Araneta Center Cubao, it was free so my co-youths enjoyed this event! Also, JULY is for Hugot ng Bitter! Lifebooks published this book in July. July is also a month for a new experience, new colleagues, and some coffee breaks.


August was my second sem in UP. Also, there’s so much preparation for the 25th year anniversary of our parish. We had so many meetings and activities that’s why I was so busy. Everyone was busy, too. I also went to Bicol for our pilgrimage. It was my only trip for the year.


September has become a special month for me (aside from October.) It was surely amazing because our first ever fun run was organized this month. It was tiring, brain-cracking and exciting. Aside from Fun Run, we also had a medical mission and play.

This was also the month for Manila Internation Book Fair 2017 were Kerygma Books published Didache for the Youth in which one of my reflections was included.

My first seminar about writing was also made possible this month. It was attended by high school students of St. Jude Catholic College.


This is my birth month. Preparation for Bukas Palad Concert was also done in this time. We had our Pasiglahan in school and some quick escapades again in Tanay, Rizal and Laguna. My birthday celebration was short yet sweet.


I would never forget November 11 because this was for our Bukas Palad concent. Also, it was the month when we went to Little Baguio for a short trip. I also bought my new camera this month! It was fruit of hardwork and labor (and love, of course). I met new friends and colleagues who were the same wavelength with me.


December was for new experiences and outreach. It was a month for retreat and reflection. I’ve learned a lot from our grad school which was over in December. We also had our last workshop for Social Communication. This was about Calligraphy. It was my first time to shoot a video for our bishop in the diocese, too. It was a learning experience! Our Christmas Play also occurred at this month. Everything was surreal. I could never imagine myself doing it alone. Thanks to those who helped! Christmas break was really about catching up, coffee breaks, and meeting our previous colleagues and classmates.


To sum up 2017.

I usually end my year with some finished manuscripts. However, I didn’t get to finish a manuscript. It think this was because of such busy schedule in graduate school. This time, I will be cool in completing these things. Also, I got to finish an antholgy and a manuscript. I believe, I should be grateful with those things. Maybe, it’s not publish-able but I believe, it’s worth reading enough. Hehe!

I am ready for you, 2018. 🙂



By kimderla

Educator. Writer. God's Servant.

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