Sa Wakas Musical Farewell Run Review

Sa Wakas, a new Pinoy rock musical, started its farewell run last April 7, 2018, in Power Mac Spotlight Circuit Lane, Makati City.

I decided to watch this play because of the ff: 1.) its title, 2.) good reviews, and 3.) music. Oh, and also 4.) poster design of Sir Karl Castro (book designer of Sir Ricky Lee!).

The plot was simple yet surreal. It showed the sweetness of first love, and the bitterness of infidelity. It’s the same thing you’ll see on telenovelas, movies, and books. The only difference was Sa Wakas was staged. Also, it was presented in a different way. It wasn’t chronological, too. Mapapaisip ka talaga. Lines were well-written.

Of course, music was fantastic. Sugarfree did it well. The musical director was so amazing. He did everything perfectly. Galing. Also, the actors were able to relate the songs to their characters.

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The theme was in an urban setting. There were condos, rooftops, bars, office, and bedroom on one stage. They were so creative. I can’t imagine that some cabinets would be there, too. The stairs were used also. So millennial.


The Wakas Musical is a must-see play! This must be dedicated for those who are in love, in denial, in confusion, and in between.


What other plays do you recommend? Tell me please!


Always stuck in traffic, 


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