Camiguin Island Day Trip

This post is only about our day trip in Camiguin Island. Have fun reading!

Last week, I attended my friend’s wedding in Cagayan de Oro City. Since, we had enough time to stroll in the region, my friends and I decided to visit Camiguin Island.

We arrived in Camiguin on a Friday evening. I only had one whole Saturday to roam around the place since we need to be back in Cagayan de Oro city on Sunday afternoon. I had work on Monday, thus, I badly need to follow this hectic schedule.

Anyway, I thank God that we were able to enjoy our Camiguin Day Trip fully no matter how bad the weather is. Camiguin Island is one hour away from Balingoan Port in Misamis Oriental.

Our schedule in Balingoan Port is 2:50. I believe their last schedule is 4:30PM. Please do your research, though. Sometimes, schedule changes.


We spent an hour going to Camiguin Island. There were many offers from the locals regarding motorcycle rentals, motorela rentals, and tours. Please compare prices. When we got off from the boat, we were offered 600PHP for a motorcycle. But, we found a cheaper rate for this. We got ours for only 350PHP for 24 hours.


There were people who will convince you to rent their motorela going to your supposed hostel. I suggest, ride a jeepney instead. We paid 20PHP for a ride going to Mambajao.

From Mambajao, we rode another tricyle heading to our hostel, Caves Dive Resort. We paid around 800PHP/night. Do not expect that much. Inside the room, there were only two single bed, a table, and electric fan. There were two chairs and a table outside too. You will share washrooms who also stayed in another room. I think, this only justified your payment. If you wish to rent a room that has its own comfort room, you may afford it. It’s about 1,500PHP.


We arrived in our hostel at 5:00PM. I guess, the time and the weather that day convinced us to rest and to eat. We found a pizza store that offers dinner to. They also offered Tapsilog in their menu. It was quite pricey for the cheapest meal that we had cost 120PHP. It was lami (tasty) so I guess, it was worth our money.

We strolled some parts of Mambajao, and found out that there were also live singings and mini-concert in some restaurants. There were drinks, and some gigs, too. If you are the kind of person who is into this, then try it. For our group, we just listened to few songs and headed home.


Day 1. The only day we experienced Camiguin Island.


Our group woke up at 5:00AM. Left our hostel at 5:30AM. Scheduled a boat going to White Island at 6:00AM. If you wish to take pictures at the White Island without too much photo bombers, then follow our schedule. There were only few people that time, for it was too early. The sun was not friendly, somehow, we thanked God that this event saved our skin from future sunburns.



We also ate our breakfast in a carinderia here. My friend and I spent only 120PHP. Both of us. With coffee, extra rice, and three viands plus pansit. Good deal, I guess!

After an hour in White Island, we headed to Mantigue Island. Mantigue Island was wider and bigger than White Island. However, when we reached here, it was raining hard and the wind brought coldness to us. My friends, enjoyed the waves though. I had no choice but to play with it, too.

I got no picture in this Island because it was raining! I had to safe keep my camera.

After an hour in Mantigue Island, we headed near the port and had our lunch there.

After our lunch, we literally explored Camiguin Island using our rented motorcycle. We attempted to visit falls, but due to its location, we were not able to do so. But then, we enjoyed how the island looked. So refreshing to our eyes. It’s simply elegant!


We reached Sunken Cemetery and viewed the famous cross. We could have rented a boat going there, but it was raining. We did not have the chance.


After Sunken Cemetery, we went back to an Old Church Ruins. This ruins was said to be established by the Spaniards. But, due to a volcanic eruption, everything turned to ash. Only some pillars were left.


After visiting the old ruins, we passed by the steps to an old volcano. We had limited time, so we skipped this part.

We had so much fun after vising Ardent Hot Springs. Never skip this spot in Camiguin Island! So relaxing and soothing to one’s soul. Before we entered here, we had our early dinner first. We ate grilled pork, isaw, and chicken. Everything was perfect.

There you go. In just one day, we managed to visit six spots in Camiguin Island. I bet, you will fully enjoy Camiguin Island for three days and two nights. In our case, we only visited this in a day due to lack of time and day job.


Here is our Camiguin Island Itinerary.

6:00am-7:30am – White Sand Island

7:30am-9:00am – Breakfast + We went back home. Hygiene. Yes.

9:00am-10:00am – Travel to Mantigue Island

10:00am-12:00nn – Travel + Stay in Mantigue Island

12:00nn-1:00pm – Lunch

1:00pm-2:30pm – Supposed visit to falls, but went back due to logistics problem.

2:30pm-4:30pm – Travel + Sunken Garden + Old Ruins

4:30pm-7:00pm – Travel +Ardent Hot Springs + Dinner


Here are some of our expenses:

White Island Boat Rental   450PHP / 4Pax

Hostel                                     1,400PHP/ 2 nights

Motorcycle Rental                350PHP/ 24 hours

Mantigue Boat Rental         600PHP/ 4 Pax

Ardent Hot Spring                50PHP/ head

Food depends on the location.


We had to sleep early at 8:00pm because we will leave our hostel at 2:45AM. We rented a van going straight to Cagayan de Oro City. We paid 530PHP for it. This included the fare in the boat, plus other expenses. We left Camiguin Island with so much happiness, and hope to be back here anytime soon!



  1. Visit Camiguin Island for at least 3 days and 2 nights. You could spend one week here, but 3 days will be enough to explore everything.
  2. Always compare prices. Never deal with those people who would approach you just right after you got off from the boat. They never let you haggle.
  3. Find the cheapest yet worthy hostel. Our hostel offers overpriced food. Maybe, you can look for one that has cheaper deals.
  4. You can save money for food if you choose to buy goods from Mercury Drug or in the Market in Mambajao. Always bring bottled water with you, too.


We reached Cagayan de Oro City as early as 6:30AM. Please check out my post about my HALF DAY TRIP in Cagayan de Oro City! Thank God for this gift! 🙂


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