Trabi Cafe in Binangonan, Rizal

Trabi Cafe in Binangonan, Rizal is just a few minutes away from Taytay, Rizal. Since July 2 was declared a holiday in Pasig City, I took this annual opportunity to explore a new coffee shop within Rizal. If you’ve been my reader/friend, you know how I love discovering new places with intricate details yet budget-friendly.

Upon entering their shop, I fell in love right away with its aesthetics. It stored bicycles as their main theme. Every corner was filled with artsy and fancy designs. The smell of their coffee seemed pretty relaxing, too.


Look at this counter. Sooo minimal yet elegant.


Isn’t this artsy?


Grabe. This is room goals. I want this in my house.


View of their second floor.


Still on the second floor.


My favorite design in Trabi Cafe.


It’s the little details that count. I love how they promote simplicity and elegance at the same time.

My overall review.

I love the interiors of this cafe. They have Wi-Fi, and sockets for your charger. You can work here. Trabi Cafe is open from 1PM-11PM. This is freelancer-friendly. Also, the menu is within my wallet’s reach. Coffee ranges from 60PHP-120PHP only. We ordered fries (120PHP) good for sharing (2-3), Blended Dark Mocha (120PHP), and Chocolate Cake (180PHP) good for sharing (2-3). You will never regret visiting this shop. Trabi Cafe’s landmark is in Gardenville Resort and Plants.

How to get there? Ride any jeepney going to Binangonan Hiway. Tell the driver to drop you at Gardenville 1 in Tayuman, Binangonan. I guess 500PHP is enough for this trip.

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