What I’ve Learned from Minimalism

It’s been two months since I started embracing a new way of life called Minimalism. I am a Filipina striving to put everything in order and appreciate things/people that add value to my life. There are many pros and cons of this new lifestyle, friends. But then, I am learning little by little and I want to share my learning with you.

Here are the things I’ve learned about Minimalism.

Minimalism introduced me to a simpler perspective about life. 

After college, I indulged myself in collecting books and notebooks. I dreamed of having my own car. I tried filling out every space in my wardrobe. I collected branded shoes. Still, these things never reciprocated happiness. Shopping just made me shop for more. Minimalism reminded me of living more with less. I realized that our life was not a life of endless consumption of material things. We live to contribute meaning to other people’s lives.

Minimalism taught me to seek the things that add value to my life. 

Here’s my favorite part about minimalism: I didn’t declutter to throw away everything that I don’t need. Instead, it taught me to determine the things that REALLY add value to my life. Since I am a huge fan of buying books, my desk was filled with books, some are read and some are not read. Minimalism asked me,  “Which book should you keep?”

Minimalism encouraged me to declutter, for real.

While decluttering, I’ve seen piles of papers which I got when I was in college! Like, I never imagined having them not until the day I’ve opened my cabinet. I threw these papers because they never added value to my recent life.

In my journey to minimalism, I’ve also realized that I’ve been keeping too many clothes than what I truly need! I was a hoarder of college shirts, church-themed shirts, and work-related clothes. That was so many! I decided to donate some of these clothes. I gave some to my cousins who also sold some. Some clothes, which I was still unsure whether to keep or not to keep, were placed in a cabinet. Soon, I would find ways where to place them.

Minimalism helped me save money.

I am more intentional in purchasing stuff. Whenever I am in the mall, I always think whether I should buy this or that. If I really want that thing, I need one week to think about it. I do not bring my ATMS and wallet whenever I go to the mall. I think this new way of life helped me manage my finances. Also, since I sold some of my books, I do have a budget for my tuition fee this semester.

Minimalism is not just for things, it applies to our relationships, too. 

I am that kid who always says YES to every organization that needs my help. Lately, I’ve realized (sobrang late ko maka-realize) that I should learn to say NO. I MUST spend time to the relationships that really ADD VALUE or MEANING to my life. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way. Still, I am so grateful for knowing this. This makes me enjoy the people who I am supposed to be with.


Minimalism is always a process, a never-ending process. 

I couldn’t just tell everyone that, “Hey, I am a becoming a minimalist.” It’s always a loooong process, and choosing this lifestyle challenges me so much. I always need to spend time on reflecting and assessing the things in front of me. There’s always a question about VALUES, PRIORITIES, and MEANING. Still, these always mold me to be the best person that I can be.




By kimderla

Educator. Writer. God's Servant.

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