Thoughts After Attending a Dance a Workshop

I recently attended a dance workshop organized by Krizelle Talladen of Kring Choreos last March 16, 2019. It was my first time to join this kind of activity so I was a bit scared and excited.

Dancing was not new to me though. My classmates and I aced our Transfer Task in Physical Education subject in our junior high school. We almost danced everything our teacher could ever think of. We even wore costume, used props, and practices on weekends to perfect our steps.

That happened a decade ago so I already bid goodbye to my dancing career. Naks!

I am thankful to Ate Kring, our instructor, for allowing us, her students, to learn not only the steps but also some valuable insights.

1. To dance is to focus.

Dancing taught me to focus. It remindes me to stay vigilant and enthusiastic to remember the previous steps. Also, I learned to focus in every action that I do. As I do the current step, I had to be mindful on what the next step is.

2. You just have to give it all.

Every choreo is beautufully crafted and well-thought of. When Ate Kring extends her hand, I know that I just have to extend my arms, too. I should not be afraid on reaching out, on reaching my limits. I just have to give my all. Sometimes, I doubt and this makes me look so fearful. But when I give my all, I become more relaxed and dependent to the Universe. (Hahaha)

3. Progress matters, not perfection.

I was afraid to record our dance but Ate Kring said, “Progress matters, not perfection.” I guess, this also applies in real life. We all want a perfect and easy life, but hey, life isn’t made to be very simple. There are imperfections. What matters is how we handle those flaws and how we make something out of it.

Final Thoughts

After this experience, I realized that I should be mindful of my actions. Also, I learned to be more free and child-like. Accomplishing the whole chorus part felt so good. You should try this, too.

Here’s our video. L-R: Kim, Kring, Junno

By kimderla

Educator. Writer. God's Servant.

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