A Letter to Myself

Dear Kim,

You’ve been through a lot lately. I know, you’ve gotten used to it since the very first day you were born. These incidents formed you to become strong. You were born independent. You were born tough. You always planned great dreams.

Do you remember the time when you were just a student? You were meant to show might in school despite the lack of resources, moral support, and unreliable sanity. You struggled yet you made it through the zigzags of life. You managed to go to school by yourself. You managed to go home (no matter how strong the rain was) by yourself. You couldn’t afford to be absent because you knew that you’d miss lessons.

Do you remember the transition from Junior High School to College? You never had an idea on where to enrol. You just collected your requirements. Together with your classmates, you enrolled in a State University and passed. You were not the first one to know that you passed. You made it, Kim! You graduated successfully after four years.

Do you remember the time when you were so happy on your first job? Kim, you prayed for that, remember? You prayed hard because the first school where you got hired was named after your favourite saint, San Lorenzo Ruiz. Your house is located in the same name. You felt so happy that day. You were unstoppable. But, do you remember when you had to resign because you realised that their offer wasn’t what you wanted?

You passed your resignation letter without backup plans. That’s how brave and courageous you were. You did plans right after you resigned. You realised how naive your decision was. Still, you made it through those tough times. You applied to several private school, and luckily, got accepted to an all-girls school.

It’s your fifth year in that school. Aren’t you happy? You were happy.

Remember that dream of having your masters in your dream school? It is happening, dear. You are one semester away to your dream course. That has been your passion, remember? Writing has been your passion so you pursued it. You developed that skill. You’ve spent time on it. You’ve been working so hard on it. You’ve been enduring the long travel time just to get in that school. Now, you are about to make it. Keep going!

Dearest Kim, I know you are at the point of your life where these things you’ve dreamed before are irrelevant. You are still in the process of assessing your desires five years ago. You are a work in progress, Kim. Please remember that there are tough times when surviving is the most challenging thing in the world. That. Is. Normal. It is totally okay not to be always okay. Life isn’t filled with butterflies and unicorns. It’s actually a field with strange beings and reasons for existing.

Dearest Kim, you have to know that you’ll make it. You will make it because God is with you. The world may challenge you, but hey, Christ has conquered the world. Yes! He has prepared better days for you. Better days are coming, right? That has been your mantra.

Keep going. Keep praying. Never lose hope. You’ll make it. You always do!



Your 16-year old self.

By kimderla

Educator. Writer. God's Servant.

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