Detour, Slow Down, and Solitude

To make this blog post more dramatic, let me tell you that I am renting a computer in an Internet Shop in Bacolod City. I didn’t bring my laptop in my short soul-searching-chuchu here. It was a four day trip. I will elaborate this trip next time.

Also, I am not so sure why am I doing this.

You see. My previous posts were about disgust, emotional breakdowns, and a series of self-issues. This blog has been an avenue to post such kind of observations about life in general. Through this blog, I acknowledged those issues. I believe, these reflections are totally okay. What I am going through right now is certainly normal. Everyone has their own season, right?

In the first two days, I was with my friends. But, for the next two days, I was just with myself.  I enjoyed my solitude. It was one of a kind experience. I own my time. I make my own itinerary. I decide what to do. I plan where I eat. I schedule when can I rest. It was a memorable experience for me. It was a cool down amidst the different strong forces I struggle with.

In being alone, I was able to talk to myself, to review what I need, and to determine what I have to do for the rest of my life. It was definitely a time to think about the things that I should be dealing with. These things were often unheard because I was always too busy scrolling my social media accounts. I was so busy chatting with not-so-urgent matters. I was so busy thinking about how others would treat me.

I realized that it was okay to slow down. It was okay to detour. I was supposed to travel down to Dumaguete and Siquijor. Yet, circumstances brought me to stay for two more days in Bacolod. I believed, this happened for a reason. This was an opportunity for me to slow down. I guess, I rushed so much that I forget how to breathe.

It is okay to slow down.

There is a season for everything. For me, it is a season to think again. To detour.

By kimderla

Educator. Writer. God's Servant.

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