Thankful for the gift of writing!

It’s really hard to write rom-com when you know you are not in the mood to write those kind of stuff, ‘di ba? If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I am(was, idk) a romance writer who adds humour to her stories. Actually, it’s started in college, just pursued for some years after graduation. Most of my writings are somehow funny.

Right now, I am more on writing my #adulting reflections about life. I am focused on writing short poems, and short essays on my page. I created this page in 2014, and I only got active in posting some stories after five years. But, it was never too late, I believe.

I am writing this post to remember how I am blessed to receive a feedback from my friend regarding my reflection last Sunday. Here’s her message: “Thank you sa mga post mong mahaba kahit na kadalasan di ko masyadong binabasa (pwera today). Just keep on posting your reflections. Di mo alam, baka you’re saving someone’s life.”

Of course, I was a bit shookt. I am writing my reflections on my page as an extension of my kadaldalan in real life. Never did I know that I could be of help to someone.

She added: “Pureness of heart is a gift from God. And it can be taken away, anytime, from you by the ‘enemy’ if you let your guard down. May our good Lord preserve your gift!”

I couldn’t be more thankful. I meditated upon these words, and I totally agreed with every single word. I am humbled.

Yes, there are lots or reason why we should be sad, worried, anxious, and revengeful at the same time. However, God has equipped us with the power to endure and resist these factors.

We always have the power to have a pure heart.

May God also bless your heart.

By kimderla

Educator. Writer. God's Servant.

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