Sorsogon Day Trip

Sorsogon is 12 hours away from Cubao. Yes, it’s 12 long hours of travel. It’s a short and quick trip with my Mom. So far, this is my first travel with her.

We left Cubao at 7:00PM. Then, we reached Sorsogon after 12 hours. The travel was so tiring. Imagine sitting in an uncomfortable bus, with insufficient leg space 😦 I could not find my way to sleep because the bus was so shaky.

So when we reached our relative’s house, we just ate brunch. I slept.

One of our relatives lives up here. She has cable, and things that she need. Wow.

When I woke up, we went to the mountain-ish part of the baranggay where my mom’s dad lives. There we found him. After that, we strolled and visited some chapels of Saint Vincent Ferrer in the said town. After that, we went back to our relative’s house, and headed to the city. At six PM, we rode the bus going home.

Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral in Sorsogon City
The interior part of Saints Peter and Pau Cathedral

We visited the cathedral in Sorsogon quickly, uttered a prayer, and took pictures. After that, we went to their pier, had some pictures taken. Luckily, we were able to reached the bus stop on time.

To more quick travels with mudra and self soon. 🙂

This quick travel was quite different. It brought back memories of childhood. It reminded me to be more rooted of the past, as I step forward to the present, and look forward to future. It reminded me to value other people’s stories.

I am grateful for this experience. I am humbled on how this short trip melted my heart and taught me things. Thank You, Lord, for the opportunity and resources.

By kimderla

Educator. Writer. God's Servant.

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