Puerto Princesa, Palawan 2019

I’ve always wanted to visit Puerto Princesa City Palawan, specifically the famous Puerto Princesa Underground River! Thank God this happened last October 28-30, 2019.

Also, if there’s one thing I always look forward in a year, it’s semestral break. We used to have two weeks of vacation. But, due to some constraints, we were only given a week to rest. But that is okay! We can always find ways to enjoy sembreak.

My workmate and I went to Puerto Princesa City, Palawan! It was one of my dream destinations! Yay. On this blog, I will write our itinerary in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, our budget, and our best trip experiences ever.


Day 1 – Honda Bay Island Hopping

We arrived Puerto Princesa at 7:30AM. We were fetched by our hostel owner, Kuya Joven. He already arranged our Honda Bay Island Hopping trip. It cost us 1,500pesos.  Kuya Joven saved our first day because my friend and I didn’t really have a concrete plan at all. We know what to do, we just didn’t know how and where.

At 8:00AM, we were fetched at our hostel (which is 10 minute away from the airport). After leaving our luggage at his hostel, we were fetched by our tour guide.

After few minutes, we arrived at their port, rode on a boat, and went to three different islands.


If you’ve noticed, it’s a bit cloudy. Good thing, it only drizzled. Also, we went to three amazing islands such as Cowrie Island, Luli Island, and another island which I forgot. Sorry.

We ended the tour at 2:30PM. We headed back home at around 3:00PM, and decided to rest. My friend and I went to SM Puerto Princesa to buy connector for my powerbank. We also had our dinner there.

This trip was slow trip. I mean, we travel one place at a time. Ayoko nang nagmamadali.

Day 2 – Puerto Princesa Underground River

The next day, we were booked by Kuya Joven for an PPUR trip. We were fetched at 8:00AM. You know what, we were a group. We were ten in a group. Some are Chinese, Romanian, from Morocco, and two amazing retired Filipino couple (who was celebrating their forty years wedding anniversary)!!!

It was a long trip. We had a quick break at a store. Then, we headed to Mangrove Boat Paddling Station. There, we had our short and informational trip about mangroves.


This took us 45 minutes, and we only paid 350 php. It was very informational, and we learned about the mangroves, and the animals that live there.

After that trip, we headed to the port where we need to ride a boat going to the underground river. But, before that, we ate our lunch at a buffet at that place.

THEN, after waiting for our tour guide to process our permit, we finally jumped in our boat and started the exploration.

Would I suggest getting tour? YES. In our case, we find it easier to have someone to process the papers. It saved us time.



If there’s one thing I’ve regret about this trip is not going here sooner. I should have gone here earlier. PPUR is indeed one of the wonders of the world. The stalactites and stalagmites are both natural and made by nature. Who would not be amazed by the way it formed? It was formed for hundred years. Just imagine. Grabeng pinagdaanan nila before they achieved their best form. I guess, it’s also a good metaphor about life, eh?

Going back to the city took an hour of our day. We went to SM Puerto Princesa and watched Unforgettable movie. Ticket is only 210php. Haha. After that, we ate our dinner, and went back home.

Day 3 – Puerto Princesa City Tour

Please, skip the 600php/head tour. It’s costly. Let us support the local tourist guides (just choose wisely) who offer tour for only 600php-700php. Kuya Justine, our driver, willingly sent us to the tourist spots in the city such as Butterfly Garden, Baker’s Hill, Mitra Ranch, Kuyba Almonica, Immaculate Conception Cathedral and Plaza Cuartel.

After visiting these places, we bough our pasalubong (which is hopia). We went back home and slept until an hour before our flight.

Puerto Princesa is indeed a charming place to visit. It is filled with scenic spots that would make your heart melt. Here’s our Palawan Budget btw.

Airfare – 3,200php

Hostel – 1,000php (2 nights)

Honda Bay – 1,500php

PPUR – 2,000php

Miscellaneous – 2,000

Total – 9,700php

If you are a thrift traveller, the expenses could be lessen. In our case, we ate so much and we did so many activities.

I also think, three days and two nights is enough to explore Puerto Princesa City.

IMG_0754IMG_0784 2

My trip was complete after seeing the airport where my favourite movie, Mr. and Mrs. Cruz was taken. PPS Airport is indeed a classic. However, there are only limited food stalls. So, if you wish to stay there a little longer, you should bring your food inside.

I am so thankful for the blessing in funding this trip. 2019 has been extra loving with me. I hope to be more matipid next time. Hehe.

May your days be filled with wonder and wanders. God bless, pips!

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