Hashtags, Hugot, at Feels Free E-book

It’s the second day of enhanced community quarantine in Metro Manila. Hence, as a privileged millennial, I have the perks of working at home and spending more time with my family. Plus, doing my passion projects. Naks.

Since I am already finished with some of my requirements, I decided to upload an unpublished e-book that has been in my flash drive for two years.

Hashtags, Hugot, at Feels is a compilation of my essays and musings about life in general. It contains thoughts about social media Hashtag, Hugot, at Feels related hugots and feels at the same time. It contains seven short chapters which may help you reflect about life. Hehe. Light reading. Parang kwentuhan lang.

I just compiled some writings and decided to share it to the world. Hehe. Wala lang.

Feel free to download Hashtags, Hugot, at Feels !

Just click the title, folks.

Have a great day. Stay safe!


By kimderla

Educator. Writer. God's Servant.

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