The Last Empress Review

I’ve been cringing to watch more Korean series after watching Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Recently, because of the enhanced community quarantine, I’ve decided to watch The Empress on Netflix.

It’s a fictional drama about the last empress of Korean Empire. So basically, the emperor was into killings, and prejudices, with his mother who actually controlled the emperor. Empress Dowager used his son as her puppet while she rules the empire. She’s also into series of anomalies inside and outside the palace as well.

I loved the mixture of historical and modern theme of this series. I guess, we all wonder how could tradition survive to this modern world. Also, what I loved most about it is its ending. As a writer and an audience, that’s what I always look into.

The writers were able to give justice to the ending. It lived up to its title, The Last Empress, by focusing that the power to decide with everything depends on the last empress. Her character has shown great development throughout the story.

It did not end up with the cheesy happy endings, instead, it was able to tie all conflicts with just solutions. Hays. I love this series, and looking forward to watch more.

By the way, try watching Mr. Sunshine and Chicago Typewriter. Please. Do yourself a favor. Kamsahamnida! 🙂

The Last Empress Poster – Not mine. Credits to asianwiki.

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