Tuna Pasta Recipe for Beginners

It’s the 15th day of quarantine, and upon stumbling on Youtube videos, I’ve decided to cook Tuna Pasta. I never cooked anything before (except for fried eggs). I never had the luxury of time to cook. It’s not just for me. I’m just lucky enough to have a loving lola who cooks everything for us.

Thus, this day was a extra-special. I’ve learned how to cooked Tuna Pasta. Mwahaha. I think, this is so far my greatest achievement last week. Tadan!

Recipe for Tuna Pasta (For Beginners)

Here are the ingredients. These are so basic that you can easily find them in your kitchen.

You just need Garlic, Onion, Tomato, 1/4 pasta, 1 can of San Marino Corned Tuna and Salt and Pepper to taste. (Naks. Legit?)

How to Cook Tuna Pasta (if you are a beginner):

  1. Saute onion, garlic, and tomato.
  2. Add San Marino Corned Tuna. (Not a sponsored post but who knows.)
  3. Add the cooked pasta.
  4. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Tadah! And that’s my easy-to-cook Tuna Pasta! I’m so happy that I learned how to boil pasta and sauté the rest of the ingredients.

Please help me pursue this career. Comment any recipes which you think are easy to cook and to prepare for a dummy like me. Hahaha! Xie xie!

By kimderla

Educator. Writer. God's Servant.

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