What 2020 has taught me

I really find it hard to write a yearend essay for 2020. Since the quarantine has started, I spent most of my time at home. I work from home, I stare from my home, and I even accomplish my hobbies (which I usually do at the coffee shops) at home.

But if there are important lessons I’ve learned in 2020, these are the following:

  1. Invest in a good home. Good home does not really mean a grand structure or house. It simply means building stronger relationship with your family. In my case, I am privileged enough to have a good relationship with my family. I thank God for this privilege. It was not that hard to stay at home for almost a year.
  2. There are things that we can live without. I have more than three pairs of shoes, and during the quarantine, I’ve realized that having a good pair of functional and sturdy shoes is enough. Also, I’ve learned to live without milk teas, pricey coffee, and luxurious stuff (wehh) bought from the malls. I’ve learned to appreciate the essential things that I already have.
  3. I have learned to appreciate silence and solitude. I’ve busied myself with so much work, and other extra-curricular activities, not thinking that rest is important. During the quarantine, I’ve rested and learned new skills and discovered some hobbies. Haha.
  4. Speaking of hobbies, I’ve learned to cook, draw, and play mobile games! This, I must say, is an achievement because I’ve never intended to do any of these before.
  5. Transition is important. From the usual face-to-face classes, to online classes. From the usual seminar for teachers to online webinars. I thank the Lord for giving me the means to cope with these life transition.
  6. We can always help in your own little ways. Despite of the nationwide economical crisis, my church mates, friends, and I were able to reach out to our local communities. We were able to do an outreach for them. Also, we were able to give Christmas goods and gifts for the needy. Thank God, for the grace!
  7. Financial literacy is important. Being financial literate is helpful. We will never know when will pandemic end. Hence, we must be ready emotionally, physically, and financially.

Whoever is reading this right now, may you feel recharged enough to start another year. 2020 has been so challenging. But once we’ve hoped for greater things, better days will surely happen.

What is the most important lesson that 2020 has taught you?

By kimderla

Educator. Writer. God's Servant.

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