Instructions on How to Disappear by Gabriela Lee

Instructions on How to Disappear by Gabriela Lee is published in 2016 by Visprint, Inc. Some of the stories have been published in some local and international journals. Each story has its own beauty that made me finish reading this book in one sitting.

There are several stories in this book. But here are some of my favorites.

This Side of the Looking Glass

It describes what it feels like to be fat–not the ordinary kind of fat. The author uses imagery that brought the protagonist to her dream. Her ideal family, ideal love life, and body but eventually she has accepted the real her. What I loved about this story is that the main character accepted her body, current situation, and her school belongingness.


It is about the girl who had a relationship with a man who was having a hard time remembering. This story happened in Quezon City and I somehow relate with some of the places mentioned in this part. I love how this story ended. It is such a major cliffhanger.


This story contains a manananggal who, at the end of the story, made me wonder if she has eaten her childhood love and his child. This part is written in second person point of view which makes me think if I am the manananggal in this story. This has the best narration among all the other stories.

I love how the author used different style and writing technique in writing each story. Each is indeed unique and remarkable. It is distinct from her other stories as well. The way she narrates is breathtaking and has the power to convince you that her fiction is true and is happening in real life.

Currently, this book is out of stock but this is recommended for those who are looking for a book that is short, sweet, and strange. đŸ™‚

By kimderla

Educator. Writer. God's Servant.

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