A very personal post + life updates

Hello, friendly academic strangers. This is a very personal post for this week. After watching #Girlboss, I randomly wrote my dreams. (Wow, this is me dreaming.) If you were reading my previous posts, you would know that until now, at my age, I am still unsure of my whereabouts in life. He he. I am dumping my thoughts here so I have something to look back when things are not going well.

I believe that if I manifest my dreams, it will come true. Right? So here I am, manifesting mine.

I believe that I will finish my thesis, and graduate this school year!

I believe that in five three years, I should have built my own ecommerce website. Away from Shopee or Lazada. My. own. site. 🙂

I believe that in three years, I will also run my business. I will employ people who badly need work.

I believe that in five years, I won’t be employed because the money that I invest will eventually work for me.

I believe that in seven years, I believe that I am happily living with my cutie family.

Eventually, I believe that the Lord will bless me so I can share more to others. I want to give back to society. Huhu.

Also, we are about to start our classes on August 31. There would be massive changes so I pray that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Also here’s a chibi version of myself, created by @rolinamari on Instagram.

Wishing and praying all the blessings that you deserve. You, who are reading this, claim that good things are bound to happen in your life. You will succeed. You will be happy.

By kimderla

Educator. Writer. God's Servant.

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