An open letter to my 18-year-old self

Hello, 18-year-old self,

I am writing this letter in the future. Now, you are busy preparing your debut. Know that I am so excited for you, too. Birthdays remind us that life is beautiful that we should spend one day (at least) to pause and be grateful of what has happened in your life. I know that you love celebrating your birthday because you do it with your friends and loved ones.

Here’s what’s gonna happen ten years after your debut. Spoiler alert! Are you ready? Here we go.

First, Most of the ‘friends’ that you celebrated your debut won’t be with you after a decade. But, here’s the thing. After ten years, you will choose to stick with the people who are true to you. Your selected high school friends will stay. Your college clique with still be with you after ten years. Your best friends will stay! You will meet new friends in the diocese where you are serving. You will meet someone who will accept you, your imperfections, and baggages in life.

Next, your dream of becoming a teacher will come true. In ten years, you will pass the board exam. You will be hired in one of the most prestigious private schools in Pasig. You will be teaching Creative Writing to kids and teens. You will enjoy giving seminar, workshops, and trainings to your fellow educators. I know, you won’t believe me because when you were 18, your English professor told you that your grammar is problematic. Okay lang ‘yan. In ten years, you will learn how to handle the classes, to deal with parents, and to communicate with your immediate superiors.

Don’t expect that everything will be smooth-sailing. Life after college is the most challenging once. Bills, online shopping, and your luho will be your main concerns. šŸ˜€

Then, in ten years, you will be writing your 13th book. That book is your manuscript for your thesis. On your 28th birthday, you will be busy reading and editing and revising your manuscript because you need to defend it in two months. Your schedule will be hectic because you try to do everything at the same time. That is okay. You are doing well. Sometimes, you sacrifice sleep just to do everything at once. Hehe.

After ten years, you still have a hard time saying no to your friends. But you are trying.

And 18-year-old Kim, you won’t have the house, car, and dream salary that you have imagined. Life is difficult after ten years because during the peak of your life, you will be experiencing Philippines under a pandemic. It’s even worst because the president at that time can’t even help you out. So far, I can see you surviving. You choose to find ways to be happy. You spend more time with the people who matter most.

I am so proud of you because you are always generous of your time for others. You listen to them. You make sure to find time for them. You never fail to let them feel that they are important. You do all these through your writing.

Dear Kim, as you read this letter, know that there are people who will always show their love and concern for you. Keep going. Padayon. Don’t forget to rest.

May you enjoy life.



By kimderla

Educator. Writer. God's Servant.

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