Financial Thoughts Amidst COVID19 Pandemic

Because of this COVID19 pandemic, I have learned a lot of lessons about my finances. As a private school teacher, I am blessed enough to be compensated despite this pandemic. However, for the next few months, I am still unsure if I would have a stable job or income like this.

I have listed some of my important lessons on finance amidst this COVID 19 pandemic.

I hope this could help you reflect on your own finances as well. I am not an expert on this. I just do some things that would make me look like a responsible adult.

Buy what is essential.

Before this pandemic, I cannot live without milk tea, frappe, overpriced coffee, and some snacks. I always passed by the nearest convenience store near our school. But now, I realised that I really do not need these refreshments. I could be satisfied with the usual coffee that we have at home. Also, snacks and refreshments could just be as simple as a slice of bread, pancit canton, or a piece of banana.

Having an Emergency Fund is a big help.

I do not mean that I have plenty of money, but I could say that I am blessed enough with some privileges that made me save money. Having an emergency fund is really helpful in times like this. I could simply turn to it just in case worst scenarios happen.

Stocks, VUL, and Insurance matter.

Yes, they matter. However, I am not sure whether you are capable of getting one in times like this. We do not know until when this crisis would be. But, if you have spare money to avail these, then you may do so. This is a perfect time to invest on these specially the prices are low. You have to reassess your finances whether you can have these or not.

Invest on a good home.

I do not say house. But, I hope you can find a good home where you feel loved and accepted. Material things or furniture does not matter; what matters is you are comfortable at home. With this, it is really important to invest feelings on the right person. Hahaha.

Look for Sidelines

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’d know that I have tried several online jobs. I worked as a teacher in 51talk for a month, and as a freelance writer on Upwork for five years. Having another source of income is a great help. You can also try setting up an online store. These days, I see a lot of products on Facebook. I believe social media would help you reach your target audience.

Final Thoughts

I live in a country that is full of uncertainties. I worry because my job depends on how the government would handle this crisis. As of this writing, I can only hope for the best. Right now, the most practical thing that I could do is to spend less, work more, and try not to eat a lot. I have to settle with the resources that I have at home. Lastly, I should always pray and be grateful to God for showering me and my family with His grace.

How are you, friends/readers? I hope you are all doing well.


How to Conduct Online Classes

Because of COVID19, and enhanced community quarantine, most schools are planning to do online learning or distance learning with their students.

In this blog post, I will share my experience about conducting online class using Zoom to first graders.

Please take note that this is an informal online class set-up.

Before the class:

1. Decide which program should you use for this class. Make sure to maximize its features.

In my case, I used Zoom because it is free and I can invite a good number of students there. You can easily explore the other features of Zoom. Discover how these features will help you. I really like its breakout group feature.

2. Be detailed about the online class instructions.

Create a simple poster or reminder about the class. In your reminder, include the following details: a. date and time of the class, b. the app or program to be used, c. meeting ID and password, and d. materials needed (if there are any). 

Do not forget to list the materials that students need during the class. Inform them if they need notebook or papers, and coloring materials.

3. Be ready with your teaching materials (slides, videos, audios) and your equipment as well. 

Double check whether your internet connection is good thru Double check whether your laptop and other computer accessories are functioning well.

When it comes to teaching materials, make sure that your slides are suited for your young audience. Review your slides. Also, your videos and audios must be new and relevant to your students. These materials must cover the skills for the day. Also, make sure that your instructions would be simple for kids.

During the class: 

1. Set your classroom rules.

The first five minutes of your online class must be about classroom rules. Be mindful of the following when setting up rules.

a. How should the student respond when she has a question? (Thumbs up, Use the Chat Box, Use the Microphone etc.

b. When should the student Mute or Unmute her microphone? Would the teacher unmute the mic for all?

c. When will the student speak? Would you call them by names? If yes, how?

Note: Always remind the students to look at their screen. Sometimes, they tend to multi-task. When your students know that you are keen about this, greater are the chances that they would really pay attention.

2. Set the objectives for the day.

Let your students know what specific skill would you teach them. For a 40-minute class, I believe one essential skill for first grader will do.

3. Inform the students about the flow of the class.

You also have to tell them the flow of the class.

Sample Online Class Flow:

  1. Rules
  2. Objectives
  3. Energizer/Motivation
  4. Lesson Proper
  5. Evaluation.

For longer online classes, a five-minute break is okay.

After the Class

1. Remind the class when the next online class would be. 

It is important the students and parents know when is the next class so they would look forward to it. They would be mentally-prepared for the next class. Remind them when and how would they submit their homework if there are any.

2. Allow your students to ask questions. 

Always encourage students to ask questions. Since they are too young to type, they may use their microphone to ask questions. If there are no questions, then you may formally end the class.

3. You can ask feedback from the parents about your class. 

Evaluation surely helps you on how to plan your next activity.


It is really difficult to conduct online classes to younger students. But still, we should know how to adapt to this situation. At the end of the day, all we can be is to be more flexible in daily challenges when it comes to education. Naks!

I pray that you may conduct your online class well. If you have queries, let me know.


Paano mo malalaman kung nakapagpatawad ka na?

Naniniwala ka rin ba na ang pag-ibig ay may kalakip rin na sakit? Ako, oo.

Nang matapos ang six year relationship, akala ko talaga pain at sadness na lang talaga ang kaya kong maramdaman. Nasa point ako ng December 2018 na habang nagsasaya ang ibang tao, ako nakatulala lang sa ceiling ng kwarto ko tuwing umaga.

Grabe ‘yung sakit na naramdaman ko after breakup. Ilang beses ko ring tinanong sa sarili ko kung ganoon ba talaga ako ka-hopeless, useless, at worthless. Sobrang sakit. Halos isumpa ko na si pusit dahil sa lahat ng sakit na dulot niya. Huhu. Inisip ko nga sana bumagsak ‘yung eroplanong sinasakyan niya. Haha. Bad.

Pero, habang tumatakbo ang mga araw-araw, alam ko sa sarili ko na kailangan ko na ring magpatawad. Forgiveness. Pagpapatawad. Sabi nga ni Jesus, forgive seven times seven times seven.

Paano mo malalaman kung nakapagpatawad ka na?

1. Kapag inisip mo ang taong ‘yon, hindi ka na makakaramdam ng galit. 

Dati, kapag naririnig mo ‘yung pangalan niya, halos isumpa mo na. Dati, naisip ko na lang na isama ‘yung pangalan niya sa listahan ng mass for the souls sa simbahan. Hindi ko alam. Kung saan-saan na lang ako dinadala ng galit ko noon. Pero, alam mong nakapagpatawad ka na kapag sa tuwing iniisip mo pa siya, hindi ka na galit.

2. Kapag nakita mo ang taong ‘yon, alam mong normal na lang na tao siya. Wala ng ibang feelings. Stoic ka na lang. 

Nangyari ‘to sa akin. Ilang buwan after breakup. Nakita ko si pusit. There comes thousands of heartbeat again, friends! Galit na galit pa pala ako noon. Birthmonth ko pa naman. Ngayon, ‘di ko na siya nakita ulit. Buti na lang. Pero I guess, kahit makita ko pa siya, stoic na lang ako. Wala lang. 🙂

3. Kapag pinag-usapan ang taong ‘yon, pinagtatawanan mo na lang lahat ng nangyari noon. 

Kapag mapag-usapan siya sa newsfeed, matatawa ka na lang sa mga naisip mong revenge thoughts dati. Alam mong nakapagpatawad ka na kung hinayaan mo na lang ‘yung mga kaibigan mong i-bash siya. Makaka-bash ka, pero bash with class. Wala na lang talaga sa’yo. Matatawa ka na lang.

4. Kapag nakakatulog ka na sa gabi na hindi mo na iniisip lahat ng ginawa niyang masakit sa iyo. 

Kapag nakakatulog ka na sa gabi na hindi mo na naiisip ‘yung lahat ng ginawa niyang masakit sa iyo. Kasinungalingan, cheating, at iba pa. Nakapagpatawad ka na kung hindi ka na nagdu-dwell doon.

5. Kapag nasabi o naipaalam mo na sa kanya na pinapatawad mo na siya. 

Ito ‘yung pinakamahirap sa lahat. Malalaman mo lang na nakapagpatawad ka na kung masasabi o maipapaalam mo ito sa kanya. Huy, grabe. Akala ko hindi ko ito magagawa. After ilang months, kaya naman palang gawin. With sincerity. Kailangan lang talaga ng grace ng Holy Spirit. Kailangan lang ng sincerity. Kakayanin kung gugustuhin.

There you have it, mga kaibigan. Alam mong nakapagpatawad ka na kung nagawa mo na ito. Kung hindi pa, ayos lang. Give yourself a time. Baka kailangan mo ring patawarin muna ‘yung sarili mo, bago mo totally patawarin ang iba.

Patawarin mo muna ang sarili mo dahil sa mga bagay na hindi mo nagawa, mga desisyong hindi naging matagumpay, at pagiging marupok, sometimes.

Kapag nagpatawad ka, mas mapapalaya mo na ang iyong sarili.

Don’t let your pain overcome you. Forgive, let God, and let go.

Then, ‘wag na papaloko ulit. 🙂


Paano mo malalaman kung handa ka nang magmahal?

Habang tumatanda, nag-iiba na ang pananaw ng tao tungkol sa pag-ibig. Hindi na lang ito basta crush lang or admiration.

When adults speak of love, they already speak of a lifetime partner. In my circle of friends, this is how they see love. Iba na talaga kapag #adulting.

Sa ika-59 na araw na Quarantine sa Pilipinas, hindi ko rin alam kung bakit may dalawang kaibigan ang nagtanong sa akin nito. Sa akin pa po talaga tinanong samantalang malapit na ata akong mawalan ng emosyon. Haha!

Pero paano mo ba masasabi kung handa ka na (ulit) magmahal?

Handa ka nang magmahal kung…

1. Handa ka nang masaktan.

I guess, we all know that love and pain is a package, na kapag nagmahal ka, asahan mo na may sakit talaga sa simula, sa gitna, lalong-lalo na sa dulo. Handa ka bang sumugal? Handa ka bang mag-risk sa panibagong tao? Handa ka bang masaktan ulit?

2. Handa ka nang magkwento ng sariling bagahe

Sa  pag-ibig, lahat may kanya-kanya tayong dalang bagahe. Ito ‘yung mga alaala at karanasan na nakuha mo sa dating ispesyal na tao sa buhay mo. Alam mong handa ka nang magmahal kapag ‘yung mga bagahe na nakuha mo noon ay kaya mong i-open sa bagong taong makakasama mo. Hindi ka na magdadalawang-isip mag-open up kung handa ka nang magmahal.

3. Handa ka nang magpatawad.

Napatawad mo na ba ang iyong sarili? Napatawad mo na ba ang mga taong nakagawa ng kasalanan sa iyo noon? Kung oo, bukod sa handa ka nang magmahal, handa ka na nga talagang mahalin pa ang iyong sarili. Magkakaroon ka rin ng kapayapaan dahil alam mong sa pagpapatawad natatapos ang lahat ng sakit.

4. Handa ka nang kumilala ng iba.

Ito ‘yung estado ng buhay na sobrang nakilala mo na ang sarili mo. Alam mo na kung sino ka, naabot mo na totally ang ilan sa mga pangarap mo, nasa estado ka ng buhay na handa ka nang maging bukas sa pagkilala naman ng ibang tao.

5. Handa ka na sa kung ano man ang susunod na mangyayari.

Maaaring nasaktan ka nang paulit-ulit ng iba’t ibang tao sa pare-parehong dahilan. Pero alam mo ba, malalaman mo kung handa ka nang magmahal ulit kapag ipinaubaya mo na sa Diyos ‘yung mga susunod pang mangyayari. Let God work. Allow Him to guide you.

Sa ilang taon kong paglalakad sa mundo, nasa punto na rin ako ng pagsuko sa ganito. Malapit na akong mag-trenta. Pinaprangka na ako ng magulang ko na mag-asawa na. Pero naniniwala pa rin ako sa oras ng Diyos. Darating ang panahon na makikilala (o baka nakilala ko na? ‘di lang kami aware?) ko na ‘yung ni-reserve na tao ni Lord para sa akin.

‘Wag sukuan ang pag-ibig, mga kapatid. 🙂


Your failure is an opportunity to grow.

This blog post is dedicated to those people who are questioning their existence especially in this time of COVID 19. Dear friends, I know it is not so easy to plan any grand gestures/goals because we are quarantined. Kaya sa blog na ito, ibabahagi ko sa inyo ang ilang quarantine thoughts na napag-usapan namin ng best friend ko.

The Story Behind This Post

Pang-ilang araw na nga ba ng quarantine? ‘Di ko na mabilang. Halos lahat ng araw kasi na lumilipas, pareho na lang. Nakakalungkot na ring isipin na ang dami nang COVID19 cases sa Pilipinas at sa buong mundo. Marami rin namang good news, sa kabilang banda. Kaya lang, pagkatapos mapansin lahat ng nasa labas na balita, hindi talaga natin maiiwasan na tumingin at bumalik sa panloob na sitwasyon ng sarili.

Bago matapos ang araw, naranasan mo na bang tanungin ang sarili mo kung productive ka? Nakagawa ka ba ng maraming bagay? Natuto ka ba ng bagong skill? May nabasa ka bang libro? May naluto ka ba? Nakapagsimula ka na ba sa dream project mo? Lagpas isang buwan na kasi. Anong natapos mo? Ang haggard isipin ng konsepto ng productivity ngayong may crisis. Lalo, mas mahirap isipin ang konsepto ng success sa mga ganitong panahon.

Paano ba natin ilu-look forward ang success sa ganitong panahon? Para bigyan kayo ng ideya, in-interview ko ‘yung classmate ko nung high school na si Paul De Vera. Sa ngayon, ‘di niyo pa siya kilala, so I suggest, check his Facebook page muna.

On Success

Sumali ‘tong friend ko sa dalawang singing contest sa TV. Singer siya at hilig niya talagang sumali sa contest. Kaya lang, hindi talaga sa lahat ng pagkakataon ay happy moments. For him it is okay not to win. Proud naman siyang sabihin na bagamat hindi siya nanalo, hindi siya nakaramdam ng sama ng loob. Alam niyo kung bakit? He is surrounded by a good group of people. He is with a good company.

Ibig sabihin, kailangan natin ng tama at mabuting kaibigan in order to succeed.

Be surrounded by the right and kind people.

Some people would appreciate you even at your darkest moments and even at your weakest point. You won’t feel bad if you are with those people.

Habang nagmamaneho siya ng sasakyan, tinanong ko ulit siya kung paano ba siya nag-cope sa failures at downfalls. Ang hirap kaya ng dalawang beses natalo on national TV. Tapos, heto sinabi ni bes.

Your failure is an opportunity to grow.

If we only try to embrace opportunities as we fall, then we will grow. To those who are reading this, tandaan niyo sana ‘tong sentence na ito. Alam kong alam niyo na ‘to, pero pinapaalala ko lang ulit.

On taking risks 

People nowadays are fond of taking risks. (Ako rin! Dati!)

My good friend told me na dapat daw piliin ang mga bagay na may risks. Kung may iti-take kang risk, make sure na meron ka pa ring plano once na bumagsak. Plan B, ikanga. Kapag hindi ka nagtagumpay, anong sunod na plano?

Sa pag-take ng risks, minsan, mismong pamilya natin ‘yung hindi sasang-ayon. Alam mo ‘yon? Alam natin na gusto lang ng mga mahal natin sa buhay na nasa comfortable state tayo. Kaya lang, is there growth in your comfort zone? 

My friend is a freelance host, and singer. I strongly admire people who work freelance. Hindi kayang madaling i-maintain ang ganoong estado ng buhay. Sabi niya lang naman na ang tanging pinagsisihan niya about freelancing is not trying it earlier.

Sana pala ay noon niya pa nasimulan. Kung maaga daw siya nag-take ng risk to freelance, mas marami siyang failures at mas marami siyang matututunan. Lahat ng ito ay later on magagamit niya talaga as an opportunity to grow.

I agree that my failure is an opportunity to grow if I would take it as a challenge. Dapat ko rin i-handle nang maayos ang lungkot at the same time. Marami akong trust issues since birth. Ako ata ang trust issues na naging tao. Kaya sobrang kailangan kong pag-aralan mag-cope sa failures, sa lungkot, at sa frustrations.

How are you coping, friends? I hope you are all doing fine.