New found hobbies this quarantine

I never thought of acquiring other hobbies apart from reading books, writing, and procrastinating. However, this quarantine gave me the luxury of time to explore and do new activities which I never thought I would do.


I was never a fan of high maintenance plants. I used to buy cactus for the sake of buying plants at home. Whenever I buy cactus, they die. I don’t know. Am I not a parent material?

Still, I tried to take care of some plants. I just saw these online and I decided to buy some. Look at the leaves. The leaves are growing!!! 😀

Playing online games

I never installed games on my phone. I just did not like to play games. I believed that playing games was wasting time. But then, I was wrong.

Playing online games taught me to be patient. Playing online games made me honor my process in the game. It’s been a month and my character shows great improvement.

Watching KDrama

I refused on watching KDrama since the quarantine started. I believed that I could be productive by merely writing and reading. Also, I never wanted to invest feelings on it. Huhu.

However, as days passed by, I am running out of activities. Hence, I’ve decided to just watch a series on Netflix. I am currently watching It’s Okay Not To Be Okay and I am loving it!

Illustrating cutie-patootie doodles

I have accepted the fact that I am not good in drawing. But, when I started to doodle for the past few days, I’ve realized that I can draw.

I just follow some guidelines on Youtube, copy some caricatures, or just draw.

Having mindful mornings

I’ve appreciated bringing my pet, Max, outside. I have also tried jogging for an hour. I have prepared breakfast meals, too. I guess, these things are bringing good vibes.

To be honest, I am feeling more anxious about the future. (Wait, is there one?) I am in between doubt and hope. So, I keep on doing activities that are new for me.

Aside from working for my full-time job, I also do my best to post stuff on my blog on Facebook.

I am coping. I am still breathing. I hope you do the same, too.

What are your new hobbies? Share your thoughts? 🙂


My Quarantine Routine

Staying at home for two weeks is tolerable. But, staying at home for two months is a bit challenging especially for an outgoing and busy person. I am used to doing lots of works all the time. I always plan my schedule one month advance. Hence, to stay too long at home is a challenge.

Good thing, we were able to cope. I decided to make my own routine *wow* to be productive without pressure. What is my quarantine routine?

My routine has no specific timeline because I still want to be kind to myself. I have decided to take a break from too much work.

Upon waking up, I drink water and play my wake up song on Spotify. When that song ends, that means that I have to get up. Sometimes, I change to my yoga clothes. After yoga, I prepare my breakfast. Of course, I would not miss my coffee. Then, I take a bath.

After my morning routine, I need to start working at 9:00AM until 12:00NN. If I finish my task earlier, then, I can have free time to scroll on my social media accounts.

I eat lunch at 12:00NN. Sleep from 1:00PM to 2:00PM. I force myself to go back to work at 3:00PM. Then, I take a break at 4:00PM. I usually take my early dinner at 6:00PM. Then, watch news and series later on. Sometimes, I evaluate my day whether I was able to achieve something or not.

Up to this writing, I was able to write more reflections on my Facebook page. Then, I also made vlogs for our diocesan youth page and St. Paul’s Facebook page. Also, I watched more series. I learned how to cook by myself.

Stay at home, friends, and always wash your hands.

Here is a post-vlog photo endorsing my books. :>


Tuna Pasta Recipe for Beginners

It’s the 15th day of quarantine, and upon stumbling on Youtube videos, I’ve decided to cook Tuna Pasta. I never cooked anything before (except for fried eggs). I never had the luxury of time to cook. It’s not just for me. I’m just lucky enough to have a loving lola who cooks everything for us.

Thus, this day was a extra-special. I’ve learned how to cooked Tuna Pasta. Mwahaha. I think, this is so far my greatest achievement last week. Tadan!

Recipe for Tuna Pasta (For Beginners)

Here are the ingredients. These are so basic that you can easily find them in your kitchen.

You just need Garlic, Onion, Tomato, 1/4 pasta, 1 can of San Marino Corned Tuna and Salt and Pepper to taste. (Naks. Legit?)

How to Cook Tuna Pasta (if you are a beginner):

  1. Saute onion, garlic, and tomato.
  2. Add San Marino Corned Tuna. (Not a sponsored post but who knows.)
  3. Add the cooked pasta.
  4. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Tadah! And that’s my easy-to-cook Tuna Pasta! I’m so happy that I learned how to boil pasta and sauté the rest of the ingredients.

Please help me pursue this career. Comment any recipes which you think are easy to cook and to prepare for a dummy like me. Hahaha! Xie xie!


Rebuilding 2020 Updates

If I haven’t informed you, guys, my 2020 theme is Rebuild. Period.

With that, here are the things that made me busy for the past few weeks.

I renewed my vow to stay in the parish as a youth minister for another year. We went to Regina Rica in Tanay, Rizal for a short recollection.


Also in January, I was given a Service Award for staying in the same institution for five productive and meaningful years! I couldn’t be more thankful with this milestone! Not everything stays, right?


January also led me to another courage zone which is serving the youth ministry in our diocese. I was hailed (wow hailed) or appointed as one of the support groups. Lowkey as always, though this seemed prestige to some.


I am so blessed to meet new people from different churches in our diocese. I guess, it takes heart and mind to meet them. I am so blessed.

In February, I have fun learning Mandarin. It is indeed worth the traffic and travel going to UPD.  I attended my friend’s presbyterial ordination in Polillo Island in Quezon Province. Grabe, I couldn’t be more happy for him. Chika lang.


Also, last February 29, I was given an opportunity to share to Antipolo Cathedral Youth Ministry my thoughts and reflections about love, the AGAPE kind of love.

IMG_4001 2.jpg

I am beyond blessed to see young people who are interested and engaged in talking about love. Huhu. Minsan iniisip ko bakit ako ang nagbibigay nito eh samantalang ako ata ang ‘di makahanap ng True Love? Luhhh! 

Also, last February 1-2 we went to Baguio for a retreat and some sightseeing.


There are no ganaps for March because of COVID2019. 😦 I am saddened because I was not able to meet my students for the last day in school. Classes are suspended due to this pandemic. Everything was done online.

As of this writing, there are 52 confirmed cases of COVID in Philippines. It scares me and makes me panic, but what else can I do? I can only pray for everyone’s safety and health. May the good Lord heal our country. May this challenge end.  Amen.



Mandarin Class in UPD

New Year always starts with a “new-year-new-me mantra” like doing something that scares or challenges you. In my case, I started my 2020 with two crazy things: 1. enrolling for residency in my grad studies (without concrete thesis plans because sometimes artists are like that), and 2. enrolling for a Mandarin class.

I am currently taking up Malikhaing Pagsulat, but at the same time, I want to venture in learning a new language. I don’t know but I just have this feeling that anytime now, PH might just be so close with China.

Anyway, learning a new language challenges my existence. I really feel dumb every time I enter our plain white classroom with 25 students from different field (accounting, BPO, international studies student, law, fresh grad). I am the only teacher enrolled in that class.

This 30-hour class costs 3,500PHP in UP Diliman Extramural Classes, under College of Arts and Letters, Department of Linguistics. Classes are held for three months. There are 10 meetings, and 24 classmates. It’s really a great deal because this class comes up with unlimited references. Plus, my professor is really passionate about teaching this. She’s willing to help anytime of the day thru e-mail. ❤

So what is in store for you after enrolling this class? You will learn the basics, be familiar with some characters, and introduce yourself plus be exposed to so many useful terms.

This is only Mandarin 1, there still Mandarin 2, which I am looking forward, too!

Basta, learning a new language is indeed an eye-opener. You’ll realise that you are still bound to learn a lot of things, culture, and facts about yourself, as you try to know other countries as well. 🙂