Dekada ’70 Musical Play Adaptation

Dekada '70 has been one of the historical feats in Philippine Literature. Written by Ms. Lualhati Bautista, this novel has depicted realities during Martial Law. These realities, I believe is still applicable until now. When my friend and I saw a poster of this play, we immediately booked a weekend to watch it. We chose… Continue reading Dekada ’70 Musical Play Adaptation


The Write Things 2019

After actively participating in National Youth Day in Cebu, I confronted myself to rest and to be more passive in life. I kept on reminding myself to be more relaxed and stress-free on the next half of 2019. However, life has its own twists and turns. The next day after National Youth Day, Teacher Roel… Continue reading The Write Things 2019


Kreatib Hub + Cafe in Antipolo City

Few months ago, I posted a blog about a budget trip in Antipolo City because I will never get bored of what this city can offer. Yesterday, Sunday, my friend and I explored it one more time to see the newest attraction. We visited a newly opened coffee shop in Antipolo City. It is Kreatib… Continue reading Kreatib Hub + Cafe in Antipolo City