Your failure is an opportunity to grow.

This blog post is dedicated to those people who are questioning their existence especially in this time of COVID 19. Dear friends, I know it is not so easy to plan any grand gestures/goals because we are quarantined. Kaya sa blog na ito, ibabahagi ko sa inyo ang ilang quarantine thoughts na napag-usapan namin ng… Continue reading Your failure is an opportunity to grow.


Fear is normal.

Fear is Normal. While talking to lola about a decision that I am about to take (or maybe not), I realize that fear is normal. Existing in this challenging world could trigger fear. Comprehensive examinations, research papers, and oral presentations are also fearful.  Going out of your comfort zone could be fearful. Everything could be… Continue reading Fear is normal.


Kumusta ka na Trap

Kumusta ka na? Chronicles When you’re hurt, chances are, your friends will instantly pop unto your screen and ask you, “Kamusta ka na?” You might feel privileged, knowing that, at least, some people will cheer you when you are totally messed up. However, before you answer that question, ask yourself first if the person who… Continue reading Kumusta ka na Trap


My 7-Day Social Media Detox

My very first e-mail I was in Grade 6 when my cousin asked me what e-mail address would I like to have. I asked her, "What is that for?" She said, "Basta, maganda 'yun." After some thinking time, I replied, "I want my e-mail to be" Sounds funny, right? I welcomed my first e-mail… Continue reading My 7-Day Social Media Detox