My thoughts after self-publishing my book

Paghilom Book is live on Shopee! As of this writing, I have signed and written personal dedication on 103 books. 103 orders is definitely unexpected. When I planned about this self-publishing thing, I only estimated about 50 orders. But, I’ve received more than 100 orders here! Unexpected.

Photo taken by @anjnttms on Instagram.

What are my thoughts about self-publishing? Here are some musings about it.

I don’t know anything about marketing or what, but I think, true friends will support you no matter what you sell. Whether I sell or I initiate a fundraising, my friends are there to support. I believe I am surrounded with a good circle of friends and community. Everyone has spectators, but still, some will appear as supporters. Promise.

I told myself that profit is not the main reason for this passion project . My main objective is simply just to release the ideas I have in mind. If I don’t do it, it won’t make me sleep. If I don’t have this book released, I am not me.

Collaboration is important. I am eternally grateful to the artist who drew the illustrations for the book. Check his shop on Lazada. Kuya Dar is one of the best artists I know. He’s from Antipolo and he has a lot of ‘ambag’ to society in terms of sharing his art. Also, huge thanks to Ate Beth for continuously pushing me to self-publish this book.

There was this day when a Lalamove driver texted and thanked me for the transaction. For me, it’s just an ordinary thing I did because I need to ship something, but for him pala, it’s already a good thing. He thanked me for booking Lalamove. Wala lang!

It feels good to know that when we support local artists, we also support locals in their job. When I had my book printed, a worker in the printing house has something to do. When the books were shipped at home, a courier just earned some bucks. When I coordinated for sticker printing, I was able to help a small business grow his shop.

If you are still on this part of my blog, you should check out my book, too.

Here are some feedback I received from Shopee! 🙂

It’s extremely worth the read. The pains that you hide from your deepest shelves will be slapped to you, forcefully. Very brilliant. Congratulations to the author…keep up the good work..@jmariearagon

Ang ganda!!! Nakaka-excite basahin sa RD! 🥰🤩 May reading list ako pero mukhang aagaw ito sa pila 🤣 @dianneisabel

I didn’t expect for this packaging to be so beautiful just like the book itself + the art and designs makes it so way attractive 🥺 Thank you, Ms. Kim for creating this wonderful book and sharing it with us. I love reading your works. Congrats sa Paghilom! -@chloeegonzales

Photo from Fatima Miya on Facebook

Dead Balagtas Tomo 1: Mga Sayaw ng Dagat at Lupa

I am not into graphics novel or comics but I had fun reading Dead Balagtas Tomo 1: Mga Sayaw ng Dagat at Lupa. This graphic novel won the 2018 Madrigal-Gonzales Best First Book Award and 2018 National Book Award for Best Graphic Literature and Best Book Design! (Well-deserved, Ms. author!)

There are three reasons why I enjoyed reading this book.

This book is a combination of science, folktale, and contemporary plot with social relevance. The first few pages feature the creation myth. This is narrated and combined with a modern story in the present. The author perfectly narrates the myth and modern story. Flawless. This has also science-related citations that make the story more interesting.

I also like this book because of the book design. It features traditional patterns that are all amazing. The print, patterns, and color are drawn with passion and effort as in. All of the pages are colored and it is worth the ink. Really.

Lastly, I love this book because it makes its readers aware of some social relevant issues like: labor law, women’s rights, LGBT’s role in the society, how migration affects people, the traffic, and even the technology. Hay. I love the first chapter which is about a boy and a girl who separated way because of you know, dreams. That plot may seem ordinary but the way the author delivered that story is extraordinary. Super.

Everybody should read this book. But, it is quite costly. It is 550, but I got it from Shopee for 365, thanks to the points, discounts, and promos. I had second thoughts of buying it but I think the price is worth it. It is fully covered with bubble wrap when it arrived.

This book is highly recommended. Grab a copy now. SUPER GANDA. PERIOD.


Paghilom Book by Kim Derla

From Paano Mag-move on, to After Breakup, and now, Paghilom, Kim Derla is back with another heartwarming book that will surely win your heart.

I have written this collection of poems and essays for a year. It has been in my drafts folder since 2020 of March. But, it is only in June 2021 that I finally gathered all the courage to have it printed. I decided to self-publish it after reading the book, You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. Thank you so much, Jen!

How it Started

When I was broken hearted, my initial reaction was to write a book that would be entitled Paghilom. I even kept on saying these to my colleagues because I just needed to write it back then.

Poems and essays helped me survived during my darkest days. Whenever I feel down, and whenever the day was unbearable, I made myself busy by writing poems.

Whenever I feel the toughness of life, I just write.

How Did I Finish the Book

I started by not thinking of having this book published. I just wrote freely, without thinking of rules, and the usual conventions. I just wrote whatever I came up with after going to places, travelling to unknown provinces, and thinking deeply about life.

After that, I collated and compiled these in a file. Then, I asked Ate Beth to proofread and edit it. After she edited it, she also did the book layout. I collaborated with Kuya Dar Murillo for the illustrations and the book cover. I also asked my friend Stowie to finalized the book cover layout.

If you plan to self-publish, you may have the option to get for an ISBN. In my case, I did not get one. I just searched for a printer that would be affordable enough. Then, I posted a pre-order form thru Shopee, and viola! That is it.

As of this writing, I am waiting for the printed copy of the book. By the way, I decided to include free bookmarks, postcards, and stickers in these book. There is also an option to purchase a tote bag. 🙂

How is Everything Going

To be honest, self-publishing a book is never easy. I needed to consider a lot of things. I also became more patient and understanding in the process of choosing which printer best suits the book. Also, selling, and monitoring the finance is not my thing, but I am trying my best to learn it because I have to. Also, I sold my camera for this investment, hoping that I can get an upgrade after the process. I knooooow, I could have used my spare money but if I do that I might not able to return it because… because. Haha.

At the same time, I have lots on my plate right now. I am currently reading and doing my research for my masters degree thesis. PERO I LOVE WHAT I DO RIGHT NOW. Thank you, Lord, for this gift!

I am not forcing you to buy. I am convincing you to give my book a try. 🙂 You can purchase it thru Shopee so please visit this link and give yourself a reward for simply finishing reading this blog.