Being Comfortable Without Effort Book Review

If you are looking for a book that would remind you to honor your process, then this book, Being Comfortable Without Effort, is just right for you.

Soo-hyun Kim is the author of I Decided to Live as Me and this book. It has the power the comfort you with the author’s daily experience about living a chill yet meaningful life.

If the book You are a Badass reminded me to keep going, this book has given me a lot of advices on how to love myself, how to balance relationship, and how to deal with the mundane things about life.

You will be able to persistently work when you live a balanced life and not force yourself to always win.

This book reminds its readers not to force themselves about living. It has inspired me to work sincerely and seriously, without damaging myself. I am passionate in what I do but that is not the reason to empty myself in one go.

In our life, the things to compare–career, marriage, cars, looks, house, annual salary, etc.–continue to line up.

I am guilty in pushing myself to work harder each day just because I have to. I work as if I have five families. Yet, this book speaks with me, as if slowing me down. I have been always conscious of my life, forgetting the things that should be given attention. I have realized to be mooore passionate in what I do without forgetting myself.

Let us pay more attention to the people who love us rather than the ones who hurt us.

This quote is applicable to everyone. To you who’s reading this blog, may you continuously love and appreciate the people who really matter. Let go of the people who hurt you, and try to be more positive about life.

I highly recommend this book to those who are go-getter yet need to pause. Balance is indeed important in life, and this book will give you a lecture about balance. So go, grab a copy of this book! I love it better than the first book by the same author.

Have you read this book, too? How was it? For book recommendations, comment them down below.


You are a Badass Book Review

You are a Badass Book was published in 2013, yet it’s been only this year that I get to read this book. It is indeed a book filled words affirmation, drive, and encouragement.

I have read You are a Badass slowly, like literally immersing myself to every word from this book. As a reader, I tend to skip some phrases hehe. But, I have absorbed each word one at a time. There are really lots of notes that I’ve taken down while reading.

I rate this book 11/10 because Jen Sincero’s words really inspired me to move and stop procrastinating. Her words pushed me to self-published my book which was in my drafts for almost a year. She reminded me to believe more in myself. Her words are strong and powerful in certainly effective in encouraging laid back people like me to move. And to get a life.

“Being present gets you out of your head and connects you to Source Energy, which raises your frequency.”

To be honest, this pandemic led me to being indecisive and relaxed about my goals. It made me rethink if I am that worthy to have my words printed as a book. Yet, I was reminded by this book to be more aggressive in living. Aggressive in terms of being present, attracting good vibes and frequency, and to always always connect with the Source Energy, which is God.

If you are not where you want to be in life, keep going.

Right now, I enjoy where I am in my life. I appreciate the people around me. I am grateful with the environment and family. Still, I believe there is still a long way to go on where I would want to be. I am enjoying and honoring my process and praying that someday, I will achieve my ultimate dream.

Appreciate who you are.

This quote is something I tend to forget. I have a hobby of comparing myself to others. Thanks to this book that I get to appreciate myself again. In this world filled with comparisons, I now choose to like myself.

I recommend this book to those who are feeling unmotivated. If you feel that you need “sparks” again for your dreams, better read this book. This will bring enlightenment to whatever you want to do in life. I bought my copy from Fullybooked.

Woah. It’s been months since I last blogged about books. So glad that I made one this month. 🙂
How is life, guys? Please stay safe and healthy!