Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa Review

Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa is not your ordinary indie film. With its visuals, lines, and various elements, it’s a film that you must watch.

Why I watched it

Seeing its trailer on Facebook, I was convinced that I should see the film ASAP. The trailer included trains, urban places, and an emotional song. These things made me wonder what the film was all about. Luckily, this had been shown in selected SM malls, including Megamall. I went there, yesterday, to fulfill my “emotional” needs when it comes to films.

Unique Structure

What I loved about the film was its plot. It did not follow the typical structure of a story. It started at the middle of the story where the protagonists were finally searching themselves. These two, Sam and Isa, were weighing the conditions if they would pursue the relationship or not. They were in the middle of decision making. Lines and scenes were quiet limited and few. Instead, the film focused on its emotional side.

Enchanting Scenes

Scenes in which Sam was getting emotional were my favorite. The taxi scene was also a concrete proof why this film won several awards. How could you not love the way this film featured trains? I truly loved the way it was taken. The lights, platforms, and the train stations were admirable. The natural effect of people passing by wowed me as well. The shaky camera contributed to the film, too.

Why You Should Watch It, NOW

This film is shown in cinemas in limited time, and selected SM Megamalls. Therefore, you should see it now before it’s too late. Moreover, if you are the type of person who is into romance with a lot of complicated scenes, you should see this, too. Supporting indie film also helps the local film makers do more enchanting films like this. The film triggers your thinking abilities as well. See this movie now. 🙂



Akagami no Shirayuki Hime S1 Review

Snow White and the Red Hair Review

After watching Kabaneri of the Iron of Fortress, I decided to watch a Romance anime that could uplift my agonized soul due to the hangover caused by the previous anime that I’d watched. Scanning kissanime, I randomly encounter Akagami no Shirayuki Hime. I didn’t have any idea what this anime was aboout. I just read the blurb and decided to watch it anyway.


The first episode of Akagami no Shirayuki Hime convinced me to fully watch this series. In fact, I totally adored how the anime was made. The art, graphics, and details created by the artists were so lovely. This was the type of anime which I’d been looking for.


The story started when the Prince Raj asked his fellow who was the fairest lady in their town. The fellow’s answer was the Girl with the red hair. That girl was Shirayuki. She was a herbalist in her town. Threatened by the Prince of their kingdom who was known to be idiot and selfish, she flew away going to another kingdom.


In a far away land, he met Zed who didn’t introduce himself as a Prince of Clarines. This kingdom was wealthy and ruled by responsible monarchy.


In that Kingdom, Shirayuki was determined to be a Court Herbalist to embark a journey with Prince Zen. Basically, Shirayuki passed as an apprentice in the Court where she worked with Ryu. Then, the season ended with those pictures up! Sorry for spoiling. I adored how these people have become more matured in their own path.


I want to be in the place where I can be of help for Zen.” – Shirayuki

This is like a typical fairy tale that we used to watch when we were still young. The story developments of the character is commendable. Their attitude, determination, and motivation could be of great help for people who are still unsure of their lives.

Besides the romance thingy, one thing I’ve loved about this anime is its lesson are:

  1. We decide our own fate. Everything is in our hands. 

  2. We also have to take risks. Change is inevitable, but somehow, it could be a new adventure in which we will learn more. 

  3. There is no destiny; only life with decision-making. 

5/5. I am still on my way to finishing season two.

Would you like to recommend an anime? Comment your suggestions.




If I Stay & Where She Went Book Review

Gayle Forman’s novels If I Stay and Where She Went described the two sides occurred in a love story—that not all hero and heroines can easily had their happy ending. These novels comprised of two remarkable characters who were able to prove that love wasn’t just a word but it’s an everlasting faith between two individuals.

The first book, If I Stay, made me wonder what the story was all about. The way how Mia described her situation after the accident had the touch of her innocence. Moreover, it also tackled how teenagers sees life in their own perspective. The timeline was not too slow for me. In fact, it made me turn each page curiously. Lessons about life were discussed. It gave me a complete definition that the Mia’s life didn’t only surround with Adam—it actually surrounded his family and friends.

The sequel, Where She Went, used Adam’s point of view. The masculine narration of the novel convinced me that the writer was able to perfectly used this kind of POV. I was sure that I’d fallen in love with Adam and everything about him—his personality, his charm, and of course, his talent, singing. He’s my number one rock star. The lines he wrote struck me. All of the lines from the novel were perfectly written. Genius was the author for writing these romantic and meaningful lines. The meaning behind the song complemented every chapter. I adored the name of the album, Collateral Damage, and all of its songs. I wished that these songs would had its own tune.

I am looking forward to If I Stay movie adaptation. The novel’s unique twists and climax make me more excited than I used to. Hence, I wish that the producers will give justice to its movie.

My favorite line from the book Where She Went is:

Letting go. Everyone talks about it like it’s the easiest thing. 




She’s the Man Review



She’s the man. I was quite curious about the title so I watched this film. It’s about the girl named Viola, who really loved to play soccer. Because of her passion, she just found herself substituting her brother in their soccer team.

Then, Paul was her “roomie” who had a crush on Olivia. Everything was total love disaster. But in the end, Paul and Viola ended up together. (spoiler here)

I found the film good. There were some just draggy scenes. But, I love how the film ended. The twist was really unexpected.