If I Stay & Where She Went Book Review

Gayle Forman’s novels If I Stay and Where She Went described the two sides occurred in a love story—that not all hero and heroines can easily had their happy ending. These novels comprised of two remarkable characters who were able to prove that love wasn’t just a word but it’s an everlasting faith between two individuals.

The first book, If I Stay, made me wonder what the story was all about. The way how Mia described her situation after the accident had the touch of her innocence. Moreover, it also tackled how teenagers sees life in their own perspective. The timeline was not too slow for me. In fact, it made me turn each page curiously. Lessons about life were discussed. It gave me a complete definition that the Mia’s life didn’t only surround with Adam—it actually surrounded his family and friends.

The sequel, Where She Went, used Adam’s point of view. The masculine narration of the novel convinced me that the writer was able to perfectly used this kind of POV. I was sure that I’d fallen in love with Adam and everything about him—his personality, his charm, and of course, his talent, singing. He’s my number one rock star. The lines he wrote struck me. All of the lines from the novel were perfectly written. Genius was the author for writing these romantic and meaningful lines. The meaning behind the song complemented every chapter. I adored the name of the album, Collateral Damage, and all of its songs. I wished that these songs would had its own tune.

I am looking forward to If I Stay movie adaptation. The novel’s unique twists and climax make me more excited than I used to. Hence, I wish that the producers will give justice to its movie.

My favorite line from the book Where She Went is:

Letting go. Everyone talks about it like it’s the easiest thing. 




13 Lessons From 13 Reasons Why

13 Lessons I Learned from 13 Reasons Why

  1.        Be good to other people.
  2.        Motivate the weak, and even the strong.
  3.        Nourish people with good words.
  4.        Always, always wear a smile.
  5.        Be ready to listen.
  6.        Learn to keep a secret.
  7.        Being kind is free. Do it.
  8.        Never hesitate to offer help.
  9.        Be careful with your words.
  10.    Say sorry, and be true to it.
  11.    Be sensitive.
  12.    Love. Love. Love.
  13.    Open your heart.

After spending the whole day reading 13 Reasons Why, I’ve really learned a lot of things. Definitely, this book is about the suicidal problems occurring about the teenagers. But the whole book doesn’t stop on that. It discussed friendship, infatuation, and expectations. A lot of teenagers, I believe, experience the same things. And the author has made it possible to describe everything in this book.

Reading this book is truly breathtaking. I cannot afford to read this book at night for it thrills me a lot. The narration, and delivery of lines are perfect. It is challenging to write the two narrations between two people. I believe that the author has really exerted time, effort, and passion in writing this story. This book has made me skip some pages because I badly need to know what is the next scene.


I acclaim the author for writing this book. This book is life-changer. It deserves to be translated to different languages. One of the books that I will definitely never forget!


The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight Book Review

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight


First, I thought that this book was about Mathematics, and Statistics. But then, after reading its Prologue and its First Chapter, I was definitely hooked.

This book was about the girl named Hadley who wass about to attend the wedding of his father with his new wife. ‘Fortunately,’ she was four minutes late for her trip to London. On her next trip, he met a guy named Oliver. They had the seven hours travel to talk about various things. They talked about their families, and personal interests.

What I liked about this book is its sense of reality. It tackles the common problems between the teenagers suffering the dilemma of coming from a broken family. On Oliver’s side, it discusses how some family members remained in tacked despite of the issues of the family. Moreover, the main idea of the book is not just about ‘love’ or the ‘teenage love’ itself, but the love which surrounds the family. The love that forgives, and accepts. The love that is illogical and doesn’t make sense. It is surreal.

My favorite line?

Did you know that people who meet at least three times a day within a twenty-four hour  period are ninety-eight percent more likely to meet again?

This book is a must-read. Each chapter is an extreme page-turner. I cannot finish a book within a day, but this book is an exemption. It made my day. 🙂