How to Give Talk or Webinar Online

Aside from being missing in action for four months, I am just your average elementary teacher teaching English to grade one students in a private school in Pasig. So, whenever somebody asks me to give a talk about a certain topic, I honestly do not know how to react. What I do is I absorb… Continue reading How to Give Talk or Webinar Online


On not having a jowa at 20sh something

Babala. Medyo personal ang post. 9:00PM, payapa akong naglalaro ng online games dahil may quests akong 'di matapos-tapos. Nasa kalagitnaan rin ako ng scrolling sa Instagram dahil naghahanap ako ng halaman para sa kwarto. Habang ginagawa ko lahat ng iyon sa isang malamig na gabi (salamat sa aircon at Meralco na naibalik ang kuryente at… Continue reading On not having a jowa at 20sh something


A Trip to Nueva Ecija

I never knew that Nueva Ecija could be a dazzling place to visit. It is filled with history and glorious beauty that encapsulated not only my heart but also my soul. It was August 11, 2018, when we went here for our annual parish pilgrimage in San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish. For this year, the community… Continue reading A Trip to Nueva Ecija


The Art of Saying No

This two-letter word seems the hardest to utter. I always try my best not to say NO because it feels rejecting opportunities along my way. Also, it seems refusal to life's learning. I have associated the word NO to rejection and negative thoughts. Thus, I am uncomfortable to say this, especially to my friends, and… Continue reading The Art of Saying No