Dekada ’70 Musical Play Adaptation

Dekada '70 has been one of the historical feats in Philippine Literature. Written by Ms. Lualhati Bautista, this novel has depicted realities during Martial Law. These realities, I believe is still applicable until now. When my friend and I saw a poster of this play, we immediately booked a weekend to watch it. We chose… Continue reading Dekada ’70 Musical Play Adaptation


My 7-Day Social Media Detox

My very first e-mail I was in Grade 6 when my cousin asked me what e-mail address would I like to have. I asked her, "What is that for?" She said, "Basta, maganda 'yun." After some thinking time, I replied, "I want my e-mail to be" Sounds funny, right? I welcomed my first e-mail… Continue reading My 7-Day Social Media Detox